【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Robotic dexterity falls far short of human ability due to inadequate tactile sensing in the gripper fingers. This prevents the use of robotics in unstructured environments in many industries to alleviate job shortages and open new markets. Contactile gives robots a human sense of touch and enables robotic dexterity. Our tactile sensor array measures 3D deflection, force and vibration at each array element, and torque, incipient slip and friction. With our sensors, a robotic gripper can grasp any object with optimal grip force, regardless of object weight, size, and friction – simply through real-time tactile feedback.

There are endless applications of dexterous robotic gripping systems: in the food value chain; manufacturing; e-commerce fullfilment; prosthetics; surgical robotics; and space. Our three channels to market give us enormous reach into almost every conceivable application of robotic manipulation: 1) sales to robotics integrators who develop custom automation solutions; 2) sales to researchers who are developing next generation robotics solutions; and 3) channel partnerships with multinational robotics manufacturers.

Our founders are engineers with extensive experience in research, project management and securing funding. We have worked together for 4+ years on the invention and R&D behind our sensor product and we are passionate about revolutionising robotics!

CEO and Co-founder

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Startup Program Manager,
University of Sydney
Contactile is one of the most innovative companies I have ever come across, they are truly creating the future.