Startup Program Manager,
University of Sydney

Alex has founded six businesses all in different industries, covering produce wholesaling, hospitality supplies, events promotions, gift hampers, a bicycle brand and a tourism company.

Alex runs the University of Sydney’s campus wide entrepreneurship program, Genesis. Which has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs and has been running for 11 years. This program supports students, staff and alumni develop and validate businesses while contributing $50,000 worth of seed funding every year.

Alex teaches into a range of courses at the University of Sydney including Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Future of Business, Social Entrepreneurship and Global Business.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Managerial Accounting from the University of Western Australia and a Master of Educational Psychology from the University of Sydney.

He is passionate about teaching the skillset of an entrepreneur in order to ensure people will be prepared and able to thrive given the large-scale changes that are taking place in the Australian economy.