BioPhenolics Inc.

The petrochemical industry emits significant CO2. Our mission is Reducing atmospheric CO2 and tackle the the climate crisis by producing eco-friendly bio-based chemicals through fermentation, using renewable biomass as feedstock.
We provide bio-chemicals from renewable biomass as an alternative to petrochemicals.
The market will reach $30 trillion and all chemical users will be customers. Our core technologies are smart cells and bio-production processes.


Nominated by

Professor / Deputy Director,
University of Tsukuba

BioPhenolics inc. is a biotech company focusing on synthetic biology to achieve mass production of bio-based chemicals. It stands out with capabilities in both research and development, as well as process development. The process of synthesizing aromatic compounds from raw materials produced by microbial culture and refining from biomass, rather than raw materials derived from petroleum, is their unique technology. Bio-based chemicals act as CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) making chemicals and reducing CO2 at the same time.

Biophenolics, Inc. contributes greatly to the realization of a sustainable society, and is a startup worthy of being recommended for AEA2023.