Zefit Inc.

We use AI technology and zebrafish technology to provide new drug test data to pharmaceutical companies.
Zebrafish is one of the alternative animal testing methods, which significantly reduces cost and period by reducing unnecessary animal testing.
In particular, we reduce human error due to minute experiments through an automated test process and provide highly reliable test data.
In the case of the domestic market, we are collaborating with big pharmas and 50 venture pharmaceutical companies.



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Full Professor,School of Business Administration, College of Economics & Business
Administration, Kyungpook National University

Along with the market expansion of animal test for new drug development, Zefit Inc. captured good market niche to provide a valuable data to pharmaceutical companies to save money, time and to reduce human errors associated with animal testing using state-of-the-art technology, such as AI and Zebrafish. Zebrafish test data is usually used in the prior stage before animal testing to pre-filter candidate substances that would fail in the actual animal testing. They automated this zebrafish new drug test process using robotics and AI technology, reducing cost and period by more than 50%, and reducing human error significantly to increase data reliability. In addition, zebrafish usually administer drugs by dissolving them in water, but our automated process enables oral administration or intravenous injection, which was previously difficult for humans, and the market response is good. In Korea, we are cooperating with two Korean big pharmaceutical companies, Lotte Central Research Institute, and 50 venture pharmaceutical companies. They are currently in a point to scale up their operation to international markets including Japan.