Yanekara Inc.

Yanekara develops a cutting edge bidirectional electric vehicle (EV) charger, called YaneBox, and cloud software that controls charging/discharging timing of thousands of EV. Our technology turns EV into energy storage which plays vital role to integrate renewable energy (RE) into the power grid. Our core technology is the original electronic circuit board and embedded software that allow us to connect EV to solar inverter. This unique architecture makes the charging box compact, 1/3 the size of conventional products, and cheap, 30% cheaper solar and storage system. By mean of YaneBox, EV owners can power EV by solar energy and gain very high disaster resilience. In addition, we provide energy management system (EMS) that lowers the electricity bill. YaneBox is prepared to be launched in both B2B and B2C market. Last year we conducted a PoC in Kitakyushu city, in which we’ve tested prototype of YaneBox and EMS. To commercialize the product, we need to quantitatively evaluate performance of EMS with EV in normal operation. We are planning to conduct a PoB project in Kashiwanoha Innovation Field in cooperation with NEDO, UTokyo and Kashiwa city.


Co-Founder and COO

Nominated by

Chief Incubation Manager,
Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza, Kanto head office, SME support lapan

Yanekara have moved into the Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza since 2021. They are developing a system to optimize the supply of renewable energy and steadily producing results. Yanekara's greatest strength lies in its development capabilities that enable comprehensive development from hardware to cloud software. And, in terms of price, Yanekara has an advantage over their competitors. Furthermore, they are working with high ambition and strong passion !!

Global warming is a major concern for all of us. Yanekara, that aims to build an energy-self-sufficient society, has great potential to become a innovative major company. I strongly believe that Yanekara will get a lot of attention not only domestically but also globally in the near future.