【AEA 2020 Alumni】
LOOP is an internet company that was founded on the vision that everybody in the F&B and retail business should have access to the best tools to manage and grow their business. Small and medium shop owners should have the same smart tools that bigger chains are using but made simpler. Our mission is to be the #1 Smart POS in South East Asia helping shop owners manage and grow their business. Whether they’re running a small convenience store, a neighbourhood cafe chain or a vintage fashion boutique, LOOP Smart POS is commited to support customers in their journey.


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O2O commerce and fintech in Vietnam is growing super fast, but getting pretty messy.
Managing the offline store is difficult because there are too many things to handle for shop owners. To drive more customers and boost customer experience/engagement, offline stores often partner with many O2O and fintech solutions. The problem is, each of these solutions is treated in silos in terms of data and workflow, resulting in a huge amount of manual work and reducing the effectiveness of these solutions. Many offline stores are still using pen and paper to manage their business, while others are using outdated POS systems that are messy, costly and not connected to the cloud.
LOOP Smart POS convers many merchants using market-leader POS systems and growing rapidly.

Alvin Koh, founder of LOOP Smart POS, a Singaporean entrepreneur who came to Vietnam to do business a few years ago. He is also a Startup Mentor at TRIVE Ventures and Alibaba eFounders Fellow. He attended and spoke at many major events such as Fintech Summit 2019, The Asean youth interface with Asean leaders and related events 2020 etc…