UniFAHS Co.,Ltd.

UniFAHS is a leader in phage biotechnology and applications in Southeast Asia. We have intellectual property for our production processes and materials, which gives us an advantage in the market.

We offer phage-based products to enhance food safety from farm to fork. and phage designation by customized approach service such as phage for AMR bacteria. Currently, we serve the products in animal and food sectors under brand PhagePromptTM

A pioneer in the application of phage technology, ensuring the sustainable production of safe
foods from farm to fork, promoting the holistic concept of one health, and actively combating
the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance.

Market Analysis
Antimicrobial Resistance, One health, Environment are indeed a global crisis, phage technology is the promising tool to solve this problem in various segments.

Marketing Plan
Partnership strategies which gives us a competitive advantage over competitors.
Bussiness model B2B (Product&Service).


Chief of Marketing Officer and Co-Founder

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Food manufacturers and livestock farms use various methods to sterilize food to prevent contamination and loss by bacteria and viruses. However, the chemical substances and antibiotics make a lot of problems to the environment and global food supply chain.

UniFAHS develops a phage-based solution for food, animal and human safety and sustainability. The phage-based solution is a natural bacteria killer used as a safe and natural antimicrobial agent as an alternative to chemicals and antibiotics. It can be applied to ensure food safety and prevent huge loss in the poultry farm, food and meat industries.

The team is specialized in the biotechnology, phage technology and application.
The technology responds to the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance and unsafe food supply chain which opens the opportunity to implement solution to promote the food safety and sustainability in Japan.