Redge, Inc.

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
Redge, Inc. aims to provide sustainable and safe medical care to all over the world with clinical engineer technology. Medical devices are essential equipment for treating the patient in a hospital. However, the medical device failures are frequently happened in developing countries, resulting medical accidents and threatened patient’s lives. It is cause of lack of maintenance and education of medical devices in local area. In Japan, clinical engineer, national license is dealing with medical device to maintain high quality medicine. Therefore, Redge, Inc. provides “CeTrax”, packaging system including medical device management and education based on Japanese clinical engineer knowledge and experience. For management part, we provide a simple system that combines cloud database computing and AI image recognition. It leads to forecast medical device failure and balance supply & demand consumable parts based on prediction the working rate of medical device. For education part, combination of hands-on training and video contents will expand local medical provider resources. CeTrax will improve the quality and safety of medical devices in developing countries.

Director of overseas operation

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Consultant, Strategic Planning and M&A Advisor, Senior manager.

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This is a socially impact business plan that provides Japan's advanced know-how of medical device management and education to Asia and Africa, where medical management systems are not well established.
Redge, Inc. has visited the local hospitals many times to validate the customer's issues and needs. They are updating the business plan frequently to provide high-quality services.
I have decided to nominate this business plan for AEA because I expect that this business plan will raise the standard of medical care around the world.