RealBone Technology Co., Ltd.

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
RealBone® Technology Co. Ltd. has developed a new surface modification technology for calcium phosphate powder which obtained a Taiwan invention patent (Cert. No.: I427050) and Japan patent (JPN: 5280403).
The technology improves the physicochemical properties of the derived biomedical ceramics by increasing the linkages between the particles to allow crystal growth. Accordingly, we have developed an excellent product “REALBONE” resorbable calcium phosphate bone graft substitute (injectable).

Compared with other products, it not only has better operability, but also has good injectability and disintegration resistance. The initial setting time is 9 minutes, and compressive strength is 18-24MPa. It can be applied to various surgical operations that require strength, even under load-bearing conditions. This product has obtained the Class II medical device license from Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan in 2021. It has passed the trial procedure and has won the tender from Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and is waiting for tender at National Taiwan University Hospital. As a result, the product has flourished due to its wide range of applications to accelerate healing and thus improve the quality of life. Just like RealBone® Tech. slogans “REALBONE, Reborn all your bone & are those who make others’ Real Bone healthy”.

CEO and Co-Founder

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Chief Operating Officer,
Center for Industry Collaboration and Innovation Incubation, National Chengchi University
The core technology of RealBone® Tech. is the surface crystal treatment of calcium phosphonate powder, which greatly accelerates crystal growth, thereby enhancing the advantages of biomedical devices without altering the original and reactive composition (bone-like). The technology is independently developed by the team with a high degree of mastery and has been patented in different countries. Therefore, many different orthopaedic filling materials can be produced, accordingly. The first trademark "REALBONE" absorbable calcium phosphate bone graft substitute (injectable), which effectively solves the problems of poor strength and disintegration of artificial bone products for injection on the market. Their product has successfully obtained TFDA Class II medical device license. In terms of marketing, it has passed clinical trial and tenders of two well-known teaching hospitals, and has been recognized by the KOLs. The newly developed device can be used in clinical practice to help patients of different ages with bone repair, including the injectable artificial bone substitute used in vertebroplasty in the load-bearing area. And most importantly, preventive filling materials will be further developed to avoid the problem of osteoporotic fracture in the elderly. With my enthusiastic recommendation, I believe RealBone® Tech. will bring bright to mankind.