PowerArena Corporation

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Despite headlines claiming that technology will replace human workers, 70% of manufacturing tasks are still performed by humans, and labour intensive operations are costly. A 24×7 assembly line with 40 workers in China costs USD 1M per year, but it still relies on manual management via time and motion studies by industrial engineers, and these are difficult to perform under Covid-19.

PowerArena is a computer vision platform that turns typical webcams into powerful sensors. By combining deep learning and computer vision, it identifies costly production line bottlenecks, enhances operation compliance and delivers superior quality check. All can be done remotely.

We focus on EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) factories. Among the global top 5, 3 of them (Foxconn, Jabil, Wistron) are our clients. In a case study, our client improves its UPH (Units Produced per Hour by the assembly line) by 5% and reduces its standard deviation by 70% after 4 weeks of use. Whenever a bottleneck occurs, plant managers now receive unbiased and real time update, taking off the workload for industrial engineers and enabling them to form plans for improvements.

We have offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China and we start engaging Japanese manufacturers about our services.


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Epoch Foundation (Garage+ Incubator)
Labor cost keeps increasing. Manufacturers must continuously improve the efficiency of labor-intensive operations. Using deep learning AI technology, PowerArena turns typical webcams into robust sensors that determine the procedures' bottleneck and analyze the root cause in real-time. It helps the customers to gain factory floor visibility, increase OEE, and establish the data foundation for Industry 4.0. The solution of PowerArena is suitable for a variety of manufacturing industries, and many well-known companies trusted then and became the customers.

Ken, the CEO of PowerArena, is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for experimenting with today's emerging technologies and turning it into viable solutions for tomorrow. In 2007, he founded Motherapp – a pioneer in mobile app development and co-founded PowerArena in 2017 – a video analytic platform using artificial intelligence to boost smart business operations.

Both Motherapp and PowerArena received many international accolades such as the GSMA Asia Mobile Awards - Best Mobile App in 2016, and the WSA Global Champion Award - Smart Settlements & Urbanization in 2018. Ken was also the Young Entrepreneur Award Winner of the Hong Kong Business Awards (HKBA) 2016.