Ostic Pharma Pvt Ltd

Ostic Pharma Pvt Ltd was incorporated by alumni of IIT Bombay (Dr. Vinay Saini and Dr. Kusum Saini). It is a Startup incubated with SINE (Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship), IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra. We are an FDA and CDSCO approved facility dedicated to promote both disruptive & incremental innovation for the betterment of society. Our premier goal is to develop & provide affordable technology and products that improve people’s health & well being with a special
focus on the needs of vulnerable populations. We are working on Rapid TB diagnsotics, Rapid antigen and CRISPR based Molecular Based Diagnostics of Covid-19, Real Time Screening and Monitoring of Child Malnutrition, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Sickle Cell of Anemia and other diagnostics.

So far, we have introduced 08 products into the market (Covid-19, HIV, HCV, HBV, Malaria, Dengue, Syphilis, Pregancy) and serving different Governent Hospitals in India across different states.
We have FDA approved scaling up facility where we manufacture 5000 tests per day. We are planning to expand the scaling up facility in Union Territory so that we can manufacture around 100,000 tests per day and can peneterate market in South East Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Latin America including Japan. Ostic donated 14,000 Rapid Covid Tests during pandemic and secured Startup award.

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Sometime ago, we attended one of the functions organized by JETRO in Mumbai and defended interest on collaborations with Japanese organisations (Startups and Academic Organizations) to develop and commercialization of products in healthcare diagnostics. We are in touch with Ms. Bhatia for last one year.