Onesight Technology Co.,Ltd.

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Onesight is a Hi-Tech company dedicated to the technology and innovation in architecture industry. Ground-breaking technologies in AR and AI have been developed and applied in the life-cycle of the building.
The company has launched open and multifarious products and solutions to gear up the needs in AEC field. Software and services are continuously provided to satisfy the overall and needs in each phase of buildings from design display, construction acceptance, to project maintenance. The company is available in the life-cycle of this industry to provide digital visualization services and assistance.

CTO and Co-Founder

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Shanghai
Onesight Technology Company provides AR visual and intelligent services for building lifecycle. Engaged in architectural design, on-site construction, exhibition of architectural models, building maintenance, repair work, etc., and has achievements in China, Hong Kong and Japan. Established in 2018, Onesight Technology Company received early investment from Sumitomo Corporation Capital Asia and Plug and Play. The company's products present a prior image, avoiding construction errors and repair work, thereby reducing costs and time and contributing to improved productivity. The company is the winner of the SLUSH Shanghai 2019 Pitch Contest first prize.