【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Nanotronics turns highly renewable indigenous plants into nanotechnology materials for use in various industrial applications. Our nanomaterial products serve as key ingredients in the production of advanced materials suited for both conventional and additive manufacturing. Currently, the primary market we are serving is the packaging industry due to the need for sustainable materials.

CEO and Co-Founder

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Ateneo de Manila University
32% of plastic packaging end up littering the world’s environment; 40% is sitting in a landfill somewhere; 14% is incinerated and another 14% is recycled (although only 2% is effectively recycled). This has resulted to a crisis situation in the world’s pollution problem. It’s time we fight back!

Nanotronics offers a solution that will produce an alternative material for plastics that can substantially reduce the pollution problem as well as slowdown global warming. By turning highly renewable indigenous plants into nanotechnology materials, packaging used in industrial, commercial as well as medical applications will no longer be pollutants that will destroy the environment.