Nabsolute Co., Ltd.

Nabsolute tackles the critical challenge of diminished healthcare product efficacy caused by low bioavailability, solubility, and stability of active ingredients in cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.


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Nabsolute develops a nano-modified biopolymer for better drug delivery system (called, Hy-N technology). Their globally patented Hy-N technology provides superior encapsulation for the molecule of active ingredients, enhancing their efficacy, stability and solubility of cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products. This is addressing challenges of side effect, low bioavailability and instability frequently encountered in healthcare products. This technology is applicable to a wide spectrum of products, ranging from Food, Cosmeceutical, Pharmaceutical (Cancer Therapy, Cell & Gene Therapy), Regenerative Medicine to mRNA Vaccine.

The superior of Hy-N technology is the self-assembling properties which can accelerate product discovery and eliminate the need for costly setup or specialized equipment. Hy-N shatters traditional boundaries of cost, complexity and quality in bioactive molecule delivery.

Nabsolute’s team is specialized in Biomedical, Polymer Science and Healthcare Business. The technology was presented and awarded from Japan and international stages.

Currently, this technology has undergone scientific testing and proven to be more effective, safer to use, and easier to synthesize. It is already incorporated in products of several reputable domestic and international companies. It is also piqued the interest of Japanese cosmeceutical brands. These create possibility to scale up into cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical market in Japan.