MUI Robotics Company Limited

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
MUI Robotics is the provider of Artificial Sense platform (Sensor, AI and IoT technologies).
Our Electronic Nose (MUI Nose) is a tool for odors monitoring and analyzation. Our device mimics human olfaction
and turns it into data for consistent quality control, product development or environmental & safety control without
human error.


Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Bangkok
MUI Robotics develops an Electronic Nose using sensory analytic solution or Robot with artificial sense. They turn smell into digital format. Electronic Nose is a tool for monitoring and analysis of smell and odor. It can be implemented in various industries including for the environment monitoring to monitor odor leakage. It can be applicable for quaility control in Food & Bverage, Cosmetics, Agriculture, Chemical, Packaging, Healthcare and Automotive industries.

The superioer of their solution is product quality. It comes as a Portable e-nose device that is easy to use at time and cost saving. It can smell substance directly without the complicated step of sample preparation with ability to detect a wide range of odorous substances in the odor intensity unit and improves the substance identification capability through combined evaluation of all sensors.

The founder team has over 20 years of experiences in Sensors and Electronic Nose with research publications in the field.

They are currently trusted by a major corporation in various industries in Thailand and international collaboration with local partner in oversea. Technology has a few global competitors whereas has a lot of market opportunity to implement and do further technology development to extend the applicable areas.