LEET intelligence Co., Ltd.

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
LEET CARBON (LEET Intelligence Co., Ltd.) provides data-driven solutions and nature-based carbon capture for a low-carbon society through emission reductions and removals, Carbon credits, transparent monitoring, reporting, verification, and public engagement at any scale.

LEET building its most affordable data-driven services for low-carbon societies yet, LEET continues to make products accessible and affordable to more and more people ultimately accelerating the advent of nature-based carbon capture and introducing the web 3.0 technology as part of our decentralized management of trees and forests to optimize the benefits for local people, support to Green Banking and B2B Agri products but when combined, they become even more powerful that’s the future we want.

Our target clients are Carbon emitting Industries, Local governments, Impact investors, Researchers, Landowners, Conservationists, and Farmers. Our technologies allow us to offer customized individual solutions to clients which are simple and easy to modify at scale and speed in any place.

In terms of sustainability, our technology tackle 6 dimensions of sustainability with one solution: 1. Social impact 2. Economic impact 3. Environmental Impact 4. Natural resources 5. Technology and 6. Governance.


CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Bangkok
The commitments to build the low carbon society and achieve the Net-Zero emissions are the upcoming global trend that will create the big impact for our society globally. The transparent data and technologies will play an important role to support the carbon emitter and other related parties to engage in low carbon commitments.

LEET Intelligence develops the data-driven solution and Nature-networking for Carbon monitoring, Trading, and Management (namely, LEET Carbon). LEET Carbon is a platform where users can find transparency of emission reductions, removals, carbon credits and public engagement to achieving such the commitment. They provide four key services, including Data as a Service (DaaS), Monitoring as a Service (MaaS), Carbon marketplace and Nature Networking. Their solution is superior to the existing competitors in term of ability to customize the individual solutions which are affordable, simple to use, and easy to modify in different climate regions at scale.

The team holds the knowledge advantage in natural resource management with reliable publications. They won the Hitachi Innovation Challenge for Carbon Management 2022 and have ongoing project to work with potential partners in Thailand and overseas. There are the demand and global market opportunity to implement this solution.