InsureCow is a pioneering agri-insuretech company with a mission to transform the dairy value chain. Our innovative suite of services empowers smallholder farmers, revolutionizing their practices through asset security, financial inclusion, farm management, and health tracking solutions. We bridge the gap between farmers, insurance companies, and lending institutions by leveraging advanced technologies, promoting transparency, and mitigating risks.

Our innovation lies in cattle identification through muzzle printometry, aiding farmers in health tracking and cost optimization. Insurance companies benefit from accurate cattle data, while financial institutions use it for informed lending. Our platform allows individual investors to support farms directly, yielding better returns than conventional deposits. This symbiotic model supports farmers and generates profits for investors.

Our comprehensive approach not only enhances farmers’ livelihoods but also creates a more resilient and efficient dairy industry. We’ve established a proven track record in reducing false claims, streamlining customer onboarding, optimizing claims processes, and enabling informed lending decisions.

Through strategic collaborations and partnerships, we extend our impact beyond individual farms, fostering sustainable growth in rural economies and contributing to environmental sustainability. InsureCow’s vision is rooted in innovation, social impact, and industry transformation, making us a key player in reshaping the future of agriculture and insurance.


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In Bangladesh, low productivity of dairy and livestock sector is a big problem in spite of growing demand of these products. For example, the amount of milk produced per cow is only a quarter of that of neighboring country India. One of the reasons is the financial vulnerability of small scale dairy and livestock farmers. The business of InsureCow has potential to change this situation with a combination of insurance and health tracking technology. Not only InsureCow is the No.1 startup company in this sector in Bangladesh, but also their AI-powerd cattle identification and health tracking technology is the only one technology in the world. And, the model in which individual investor can invest in small holder farmer’s livestock is unique and interesting.
They have experience of expanding their business in developed countries such as European countries, so there is possibility to expand their business to Japanese Market.
Also, InsureCow has experience of becoming the champion of a renowned award in Bangladesh.