Huijia Health Corporation

Huijia Health is AI smart care solution provider based on the core technlogy nFOPT® – Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology with no electromagnetic waves in sleep area. It is a high sensitivity and accuracy bio-sensor that can monitor and track continuously, such as: respiratory, heart rate, coughs, pulse, blood pressure, sleep quality and many other vital signs. Applications include smart film(mattress), cushions, clothes, driver monitoring system, and smart care system for taking care a lot of elderly and babies at home or in the centers.Our solution can help to fix 2 big issues coming along with an aging population and pandemic -Shortage of caregivers and insufficient care quality.

nFOPT® bio-sensor is only 2mm thin that you do not need to wear it and put it under the pillow or mattress. With high-sensitivity,100x higher resolution, it is easier AI integration that can collect more details of health data to develop medical software for multiple diseases. We are developing into AI digital biomarkers such as Arrhythmia, Atrial Fibrillation, cardiopulmonary failure, sleep apnea, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Now, an ongoing hospital trial for hospic will provide dignity in end-of-life care by a prediction respiratory failure giving families a chance to say goodbye.


Nominated by

Epoch Foundation (Garage+ Incubator)

Because of the caregiving needs of the founder's family members, Huijia Health developed the innovative global "non-invasive fiber-optic physiological monitoring technology" (nFOPT).

The products include innovative mattresses, assistive devices, intelligent driving solutions, and smart fences.

Their efforts have been recognized with the Top 100 Innovative Products Award, APICTA Gold Award, and R&D 100 Awards. Huijia's products are expected to bring value to an aging society.