Heyday Fitness

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
Heyday is a connected strength training solution for 60+. Strength training is the most important workout for older adults to stay active and prevent falls. Heyday combines personalized programs, safe digital resistance, and supportive community to provide the best active aging experience.

Heyday is cofounded by Teresa and Oscar. Before started Heyday, Teresa was a product manager and received her MBA/MPP degree from UChicago. Oscar is a Forbes 30 under 30 alum and a second-time entrepreneur in consumer hardware space. Heyday is now a team of 7 people. It will soon launch pilot testing with a large rehab clinic in Taiwan.



Nominated by

Chief Operating Officer,
Center for Industry Collaboration and Innovation Incubation, National Chengchi University
Heyday has a strong team and product that aims to solve one of the most pressing problem – older population living quality. Heyday is the first product to provide a personal strength training experience for 60+. Their solution including exercise equipment and programs are safe, fun, and effective. Heyday is planning on launching pilot sites with a rehab clinic and senior gym. Heyday’s goal is to fulfill the “prevention is better than cure” and providing a better and healthier life to elderly people.