Ghoonuts Inc.

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Densely populated areas and congested conditions are often cited as one of the best examples of the “three densities,” and these conditions must still be avoided from the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection. However, in order to accurately grasp such information on human positions and density, it is necessary to make preparations for fixed-point observations at the location. In addition, it is also necessary to invest in sensors and cameras in order to understand the situation at the location. Therefore, with existing technologies, in addition to the problem of positioning accuracy, there is also the problem of the human cost of preparation and the cost of investment in equipment.
We will develop a system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a network of smartphones that can acquire 3D location information of people, and we will provide this service.

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Institute of Experimental Management
This company proposes one key technology that will help people's lives in the age of corona disaster.
I would like to recommend this inexpensive business model for creating social distance to people in Asia and hope that it will contribute to building a better society.