Energy Response Co., Ltd.

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Despite the fact that machine is automatically controlled in each system, analyzing the whole system and between system is still done manually by analysts and operators. This results in losing on average of 30% of operation costs due to inefficient operation and unplanned downtime. ENRES develops an AIoT platform that connects sensors and machines via IoT to our platform. Then our AI shift in to automatically analyze the inefficiency in the system, visualize and recommend the potential solution that could be done. This helps business see the overall system, understand how the system is running, know the inefficiency and able to take action seamlessly.

Co-founder and VP of Business Development

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Bangkok
ENRES develops AIoT platform that connects sensors and machines via IoT and use AI shift in to automatically analyze the inefficiency. The solution helps buildings & factories manage its energy system to reach out 5-35% of energy saving.

Comparing to traditional method that relies on human-centric (staffs visit multiple sites/buildings for inspection), ENRES platform provides single view system that connects data from multi-sites and allows users access from anywhere, able to do real-time monitoring and data analysis. Users can work more seamlessly, better visibility as overall system, streamline data analysis and process digitalization. This will result in technology and knowledge sharing to help increase productivity, especially for company having many buildings and factories. It’s solution for smart city.

ENRES has strength in software and domain team who has over 30 years combined experience both local and international market. Currently, ENRES focuses in Thailand and start research in other countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan where have similar problems as in Thailand. Also, ENRES supports Japanese factories in Thailand (i.e., YAMADA, Sharp) to help manage data and optimize process. As technology can be adopted flexibly in many sectors as hospital, factory, school, building, ENRES can enlarge in market.