Ecovia is a clean-tech startup, that specialises in compostable packaging solutions with its unique and revolutionary technology using clothing waste. This ground-breaking solution does not only solve plastic pollution but also ensures the best reuse of clothing waste that no one has done before. Ecovia can save our planet by putting an end to plastic pollution with its unique patented recipe.

As a company, Ecovia was founded in 2020 with a vision to make a cleaner environment. Ecovia provides a full range of compostable and eco-friendly packaging that is customizable as per customer needs.

We believe packaging should be part of a circular economy where the materials created must safely return to nature. Our packaging decomposes into healthy compost, leaving the same nutrients that organic waste leaves behind.

The startup’s R&D team is continuously working towards bringing more Earth Saving products. Ecovia intends to make the global fashion industry completely sustainable.

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Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental pollution problems all over the world, and developing and using biodegradable packaging is a common trend in the world. In such a situation, Eco Via Ltd. has a unique technology using clothing waste. Currently, Bangladesh is the second largest RMG (Ready Made Garment) exporting country, so there are easy accesses to wastes or scraps of clothes, and this fact is making it reasonable to do this Eco Via’s business in Bangladesh.

Furthermore, exports of RMG from Bangladesh to Japan have increased by more than 40% year-on-year in FY2022-23, and the potential for collaboration with Japanese sewing manufacturers, trading companies, and apparel brands is expected to be greater in the future.

Eco Via is actively working for further collaboration with Japanese apparel brands and trading companies.