Deep Signature Ltd.

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
Deep Signature core team invented and filed international patents for a novel algorithm which is applicable to employ any public blockchain for anti-counterfeiting, product tracing, and advertising purposes. The team successfully developed a software system named Deep Signature, which helps any producer exclusively hash their product’s ID codes and store the hash codes onto a distributed public blockchain as a way of product authentication. Later, consumers can verify the legitimacy of the products through their ID codes on the blockchain. By this way, mass production of counterfeits is impossible while the solution can protect consumers from being cheated into buying counterfeits. Overcoming current anti-counterfeiting solutions based on centralized systems, Deep Signature is much more simple, much more economic, and highly secured. Also differing from other systems, Deep Signature provides producers self-service ability with high control. Producers can activate thousands of anti-counterfeting ID codes for their products per minute within a few simple actions. They themselves also can create and print thousands of anti-counterfeiting labels containing the product ID codes to tag them onto the products easily with the supporting tools developed by Deep Signature.


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Senior Lecturer
Foreign Trade University
Deep Signature solves the problem of counterfeiting by hash function and verified by blockchain technology. This technology has been protected by intellectual property in the US. With simple use for users and manufacturers promise a large market worldwide with high accuracy and efficiency.