Dai3mimi Health-Tech Limited

Dai3mimi is a technology developed for the elderly market in Japan, which has one of the highest aged populations globally. It uses patented acoustic technology, a material conduction system made of combined metal and plastic materials, to transmit sound waves directly into the inner ear through the skull. This bypasses the outer ear, eardrum, and middle ear, which are most susceptible to infection, damage, and degeneration. This patented technology provides clearer sound reception and effortless hearing for hearing-impaired and elderly users.

Dai3mimi also features a unique Rhythm Vibration Mechanism that combines sound and vibration technology to enhance its products for those suffering from tinnitus and dementia. This mechanism targets the trigeminal nerve, a crucial sensory nerve transmitting information from the face and head to the brain. By stimulating this nerve, Dai3mimi can activate the brain’s neural plasticity to relieve tinnitus effects and provide multi-sensory cognitive function training to elderly individuals with dementia. This refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt in response to stimuli and plays a vital role in learning and memory.

Dai3mimi is not just a hearing aid device; it is a complete solution for elderly care.


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The company's bone conduction technology, which utilizes the conductive properties of the company's proprietary materials, is a patented technology.
The company received an award from the Hong Kong government for "Dai3mimi," a solution wearable device that improves the language development disorder and impaired communication skills of children and dementia problems of the elderly caused by hearing impairment. Based on the above, the company's technology is novel and superior and is expected to contribute to the Health and Medical Strategy.