MUU is a food biotechnology startup that uses precision fermentation technology and proprietary microbes to create milk and dairy products that offer the same taste, texture, and properties as cow’s dairy, but are made without using a single cow.

As global food security and sustainability challenges escalate, traditional dairy production is one of the major cause. Although plant-based dairy alternatives exist, their taste dfferences hinder broad adoption from consumers. To overcome this challenge, we use precision fermentation and proprietary microbes to create milk proteins, the keys for replicating the taste and texture of cow’s dairy. This way we can create milk and dairy products that mimic the taste and mouthfeel of traditional dairy, making it effortless for consumers to transition to more sustainable options. Our products also promote health attributes as they are free of hormones, antibiotics residue, cholesterol, and lactose.

We target ASEAN+3 countries, covering Southeast Asia and Japan, Korea, China. Our business model is selling products to B2B partners including dairy producers, F&B manufacturers, and cafes & restaurants. So far, we have over 15 companies across Asia request for product trials.


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CVD Corp develops the animal-free dairy products or the Cow’s milk made without using a cow (under product brand MUU) by using the precision fermentation technology and proprietary microbes.The primary advantage of MUU’s milk is taste, texture, and function identically as cow’s dairy but healthier and greener as free of cholesterol, animal hormones, antibiotic residues, and lactose while contains the good protein. The solution fulfills the health awareness lifestyle and achieves the sustainable food production for future food. Their milk is ideal for drinking and applying to blend with tea, coffee, cereal, ice-cream, baking, or cheese making.

Their technology is promising and the team holds backgrounds in biotechnology development, startup management and marketing. They won awards from Thailand, Japan and international stages. They have established the entity in Singapore, secured investment from Japanese and international investors as well as explored the business opportunity to expand Japan and global markets.

The technology has a lot of opportunity to collaborate with the dairy producers, F&B manufactures, cafes & restaurants to create appealing dairy alternatives tailored to Japanese preferences.