Comit Corporation

With the increase in global energy consumption, our Earth is getting hotter than ever. Global warming directly relates to the imbalance in the reflection/absorption of solar radiation. Our key product RARE, a radiative cooling paint, reflects 98% of total solar infrared and radiates 95% in the atmospheric transparent windows. Adhered well to a wide range of materials, including glass, plastic, wood, metal, or concrete, RARE cools down external surfaces absolutely to the ambient temperature. Composed of popular materials, RARE is produced at 1 ton per day and is simple to scale up depending on the market need. We are expanding rapidly in the northern part of Vietnam, and are looking forward to growing in larger markets, such as Japan.


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Senior Lecturer
Foreign Trade University

RARE, proudly nurtured within the cradle of Comit. This exceptional creation exudes not only the prowess to capture and embrace heat but, more profoundly, to radiate it with an unmatched intensity. Behold, a transcendent marvel that eclipses all prevailing anti-heating paints in the market, standing alone as the sole coating layer capable of maintaining ambient temperatures ceaselessly. With a bond that transcends surfaces and a dust-repelling allure, RARE's allure is irresistible. The startup's journey commenced at the very bedrock, forging core technology through meticulous craftsmanship of chemical compositions, precision in production parameters, and orchestrating the dance of heat flows for optimal performance. Emerging from the crucible of innovation, RARE has ascended to industrial proportions, poised to embellish vast domains. As the dawn of research and development unfolds, Comit's confidence emanates—a symphony of creation that shall orchestrate kindred innovations tailored to the tapestry of market demands.