Cognitica AI Private Limited

Cognitica AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology company that focuses on solving industrial safety problems using Al and related technologies. Cognitica AI’s mission is to help create a world of zero industrial accidents. In order to achieve this goal we develop technologies and build products that solve industrial safety problems.
Industrial machines are heavy and powerful but not intelligent, a combination that results in great losses, including the accidents they cause. With the advent of AI, we can finally transform this situation by giving industrial machines and spaces the ability to see, recognize, remember and make decisions to prevent accidents, saving lives and money.

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Cognitica AI Private Limited is a leading provider of innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) based industrial safety products and solutions. Cognitica AI is nominated for the company’s commitment to create safer working environments by preventing workplace injuries, saving human lives and enhancing productivity through development of advanced AI systems and technologies targeted at industrial shop-floor and warehouse settings.