Castomize Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Castomize is a pioneering advanced manufacturing startup using 4D-printing to positively impact multiple industries around the world.

Our first focus industry is medical devices, where we are are making healthcare more accessible, effective, and less invasive. Our first device, 4D-printed casts, are created using advanced fabrication techniques and customized blends of polymers to provide unprecedented comfort, convenience, and efficiency for patients, doctors, hospitals, and medical insurers.

Over 180 million patients experience fractures annually, a market worth around 6 billion USD. Castomize’s 4D-printed casts are the best contender to displace the century-old solutions of plaster and fibreglass casts, having been validated by six hospitals around APAC, and having a co-development agreement the National Healthcare Group to finalize our cast and create a device poised to take over as the new standard of fracture treatment.

Core to Castomize’s operations is the focus on sustainability and promotion of access to healthcare for everyone, everywhere. Castomize’s business model consists of re-manufacturing, where casts sold to hospitals are salvaged and converted into first-aid kits meant for fracture healing in earthquake disaster zones, as 56% of all injuries during earthquakes are fractures, and Japan would be a key customer due to the frequency of earthquakes.


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シンガポール工科デザイン大学のスピンオフ企業であるCastomize Technologiesは、高度な製造技術を駆使して新しい医療機器を生み出している。
Castomize Technologies はシンガポールの5つの病院で試験を実施し、好評を得ている。また、シンガポールのナショナル・ヘルスケア・グループと製品共同開発契約を締結している。
長期的には、 Castomize Technologies は4Dプリンティングの領域知識を活用し、パッケージング、高度製造、その他の医療機器などの産業によい影響を与えたいと考えている。
Castomize Technologies の技術及びソリューションは、日本の社会的課題の解決に非常に適しており、幅広い分野で日本企業と提携の可能性が高いと思われる。