Brain Pool Tech Private Limited

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
The global drone market was valued at USD 18.11 Bn in 2018 with a CAGR of 19.90% and is expected to reach 88.57 Bn by the end of 2027. While hardware companies continue to improve drone technology, drone service providers are creating solutions that provide an excellent return on investment. However the next five years will be about leveraging drone data to integrate, automate, and communicate multiple streams of data. Our team has the know-how to inform about the human and environmental factors in large workplaces. As drone hardware advances, more industries will bring this technology in-house reducing the need for service providers. Our technology bridges this transition by fusing the physical and digital to address present needs for a reformation of the work place.

Our platform as a service provides and integrates 2D maps and 3D digital twins of large spaces, real time tracking and various sensors, to address fast and slow disasters and their surrounding industries including insurance, real estate, construction, and renewable energy. Our software aims to change the way these industries communicate across stakeholders, allocate resources, and think about safety protocols. Our product can be thought of as workplace building blocks for the ‘new normal’.


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Acting Director,
Ecosystem Development,
NUS Enterprise
Brain Pool offers a digital platform with interactive, hyper-local maps of specialised environments for consumer behaviour analytics utilising drone technology. They utilise drone technology to capture high precision data and process these data to create meaningful output and analysis. Brain Pool’s technology can be applied in areas such as mapping (2D/3D maps, elevation maps), inspection, measurements (distance, area volume) and aerial views.

Their technology is able to help address the complete life cycle of natural disasters from, Disaster Preparation, Emergency Response, Disaster Mitigation to Reconstruction. Japan will be their go-to-market to develop and increase traction in the disaster management industry. In addition, they are now actively expanding in Japan – and had secured a S$400k investment from ABC Dream Ventures (investment arm of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) in May 2020.

Moving forward, towards the “New normal”, the company aims to reform the workstyle in the disaster management industry and improve risk assessment and optimize related claim process.