ARAV Co., Ltd.

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
ARAV is a startup that aims to DX and automate construction sites by providing solutions that enable advanced functions to be attached to existing construction equipment.
The construction industry is a huge growth industry with a market size of over $4T globally and $1T in Asia. Despite this, Japan is experiencing a serious labour shortage, with only 16.6% of the workforce attracted to the industry compared to the number of job vacancies, and with approximately 35% of the workforce aged 55 and over and 11% aged 29 and under, the industry is ageing more rapidly than other industries.
This problem is expected to be solved by DX of construction equipment, but it is not technically easy to develop solutions that can respond quickly to diverse construction sites and diverse construction equipment. Even if this could be achieved by specialised systems and machines, the cost would be too expensive to imprement them to the site.
Therefore, ARAV provides an unique remote control system that can be operated in real-time via the internet. The remote control system can be retrofitted to existing construction machineries, regardless of model, and can be remotely operated from any laptop PC or smartphone with an internet connection.


Nominated by

Director, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Education
The University of Tokyo
Firstly, ARAV is focusing on worldwide essential problems for the construction industry, a labor shortage and safety issue. ARAV’s technologies and solutions have attracted considerable attention from the construction sector as remedies to address a severe labor shortage and to reduce deaths at construction sites, which account for one-third of fatal industrial accidents in Japan.

Secondly, the founder has domain expertise in the area of robotics and autonomous driving. Furthermore, he is a serial entrepreneur and has a tenacious ability to introduce solutions to the field, even in the construction industry with its complex industry structure.

I strongly believe that the problem they are working on, the unique patent technologies they have and the founder’s expertise are worthy of being nominated for AEA2022.