Anavision Ltd

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Anavision is a new startup company that focuses on A.I. image analytics technologies. We develop world leading A.I. technologies for analyzing images and videos collected from Robots, Drones, Aircrafts and Satellites. Our aim is to free humans from jobs that can be done by a robot.
We differentiate ourselves from othe A.I. analytics companies by utilizing automated devices to collect proprietary A.I. learning datasets for training our A.I. algorithms. For example, we collect plantation image data from Oil Palm, Eucalyptus, Accacia, Cassava fields using drones in Indonesia, Cambodia and China, helping plantation companies to count their crops and analyze the health status of crops. These analytics data can help plantation companies to have better business insights in futures trading and risk management. Pests and disease detection using A.I. detects issues at an early stage, and using less pesticides in crops means less damages done to the Earth. We also use drone image data and Satellite image data to do Land Use analysis, helping governments to plan a better city for the residents.
During Covid-19 pandemic, we developed an A.I. Fever screening system, that helps to reduce the close contact of frontline staff and unknown visitors during temperature measurement.

Executive Director

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Director General,
JETRO Hong Kong
Anavision Ltd is a spinoff of a well-known Hong Kong startup company, “Insight Robotics”, which provides solutions with AI technology to detect and prevent wildfire in the woods. The solution has been wildly used in China and other counties including Thailand, Malaysia and Mexico etc. for environmental risk analysis and risk management.

Anavision Ltd has not only developed wildfire detection system, but also applied its technology to human temperature monitoring system and face mask detection system in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The company is eager to go into the Japanese market and to explore the cooperation opportunities with the Japanese enterprises.