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#Affordable Precision Care for Aging Society
Growing aging population, and its concomitant chronic diseases, has become a global issue. CDC data shows chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability, accounting for 75% of total medical expenditure. Existing precision devices are too costly and complex to address this massive demand of aging society. AIM solution offers affordable and easy access to precision care utilizing widely available modalities for large scale deployment.

AIM products includes
-DeepPACS: Medical AI service platform.
-DeepXray: Precision diagnosis and prognosis monitoring of chronic bone diseases using plain X-ray
-DeepSono: Precision diagnosis and prognosis monitoring of chronic heart diseases using plain Ultrasound

AIM have complete certification roadmap to support our market expansion plan in Taiwan(2023), SEA(2024) and Japan(2025).

– TFDA: DeepPACS(approved), DeepXray(approved), DeepSono(2024/1Q)
– FDA: DeepXray(2023/Q4)
– PMDA: 2024/1H
– ISO13485(approved)
– QMS(approved)

AIM have many clinical collaborations with multiple medical centers with exciting results. We have presented in 2022 TOA (Taiwan Orthopaedic Association) anniversary meeting and submitted multiple papers. AIM’s patent portfolio covers key product technologies. Multiple patent applications have been filed in the USA and Taiwan with 2 cases granted in Taiwan and 3 cases publicly disclosed in the USA.

CEO and Co-Founder

Nominated by

Epoch Foundation (Garage+ Incubator)

The founder of AIM is an alumnus of the University of Tokyo, and the founding team comprises experts in image processing technology and a doctor.

The product achieves an accuracy rate of over 95%, requiring no modifications to existing medical workflows, with results obtained within 30 seconds.

Additionally, the product has already received TFDA (Taiwan Food and Drug Administration) approval and is projected to receive approval from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) by September.

AIM has already collaborated with 3 hospitals for academia-industry partnerships, with implementation preparations in progress. It is expected that AIM will sign with 25 medical institutions this year.