We are proud to offer a cutting-edge surgical robotic system designed specifically for orthopedic hospitals that perform fracture surgeries. Our system allows for accurate, safe, and easy fracture surgeries without radiation exposure or excessive manpower. Unlike conventional methods, such as manual reduction or checking fluoroscopic images while wearing lead aprons, our system allows for precise alignment of bone fragments within 2 degrees and 2 millimeters while providing real-time 3D images. This reduces radiation exposure by 90%, cuts surgery time by 50%, and requires fewer surgical personnel. With our innovative solution, you can provide the best care for your patients while optimizing your resources.


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AIRS Inc. (AI Robot Surgery) is on a transformative journey towards digital surgery, seamlessly complementing conventional analog procedures that rely on the expertise of medical staff. Their pioneering approach aims to elevate patient safety and treatment outcomes, particularly in fracture surgeries, while providing an intuitive and precise surgical environment for medical professionals.

There are compelling reasons to endorse this exceptional team. With 15 proficient members, including 5 PhDs, 5 Masters, and 2 orthopedic specialists, they boast a well-organized and diverse talent pool. The team has also built a robust system and infrastructure for manufacturing, licensing, and conducting clinical trials of medical devices, solidified by GMP certification. Collaborative partnerships with major university hospitals further reinforce their clinical validation efforts.

Their commitment to intellectual property rights is evident through the filing of 30 patent applications, including 7 overseas patents. Government recognition of their technical excellence with the NET certification (New Excellence Technology) speaks volumes about their innovative contributions.

Furthermore, they have strategically positioned themselves for success by leveraging the projected growth of the surgical robot market, estimated to reach 18.1 billion USD by 2030. The team has also established a sustainable revenue model through the sale of disposable devices.

In conclusion, AIRS Inc. stands at the forefront of digital surgery, poised to revolutionize fracture surgeries through advanced technology, a skilled team, and a promising market outlook. Without a doubt, I strongly recommend this excellent team for AEA 2023.