Robotic dexterity falls far short of human ability due to inadequate tactile sensing in the gripper fingers. This prevents the use of robotics in unstructured environments in many industries to alleviate job shortages and open new markets. Contactile gives robots a human sense of touch and enables robotic dexterity. Our tactile sensor array measures 3D deflection, force and vibration at each array element, and torque, incipient slip and friction. With our sensors, a robotic gripper can grasp any object with optimal grip force, regardless of object weight, size, and friction – simply through real-time tactile feedback.

There are endless applications of dexterous robotic gripping systems: in the food value chain; manufacturing; e-commerce fullfilment; prosthetics; surgical robotics; and space. Our three channels to market give us enormous reach into almost every conceivable application of robotic manipulation: 1) sales to robotics integrators who develop custom automation solutions; 2) sales to researchers who are developing next generation robotics solutions; and 3) channel partnerships with multinational robotics manufacturers.

Our founders are engineers with extensive experience in research, project management and securing funding. We have worked together for 4+ years on the invention and R&D behind our sensor product and we are passionate about revolutionising robotics!

CEO and Co-founder

Nominated by

Startup Program Manager,
University of Sydney
Contactile is one of the most innovative companies I have ever come across, they are truly creating the future.

Anavision is a new startup company that focuses on A.I. image analytics technologies. We develop world leading A.I. technologies for analyzing images and videos collected from Robots, Drones, Aircrafts and Satellites. Our aim is to free humans from jobs that can be done by a robot.
We differentiate ourselves from othe A.I. analytics companies by utilizing automated devices to collect proprietary A.I. learning datasets for training our A.I. algorithms. For example, we collect plantation image data from Oil Palm, Eucalyptus, Accacia, Cassava fields using drones in Indonesia, Cambodia and China, helping plantation companies to count their crops and analyze the health status of crops. These analytics data can help plantation companies to have better business insights in futures trading and risk management. Pests and disease detection using A.I. detects issues at an early stage, and using less pesticides in crops means less damages done to the Earth. We also use drone image data and Satellite image data to do Land Use analysis, helping governments to plan a better city for the residents.
During Covid-19 pandemic, we developed an A.I. Fever screening system, that helps to reduce the close contact of frontline staff and unknown visitors during temperature measurement.

Executive Director

Nominated by

Director General,
JETRO Hong Kong
Anavision Ltd is a spinoff of a well-known Hong Kong startup company, “Insight Robotics”, which provides solutions with AI technology to detect and prevent wildfire in the woods. The solution has been wildly used in China and other counties including Thailand, Malaysia and Mexico etc. for environmental risk analysis and risk management.

Anavision Ltd has not only developed wildfire detection system, but also applied its technology to human temperature monitoring system and face mask detection system in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The company is eager to go into the Japanese market and to explore the cooperation opportunities with the Japanese enterprises.

HealTell, is focus to use mature technology in semiconductor industry, to design, manufacture and build super low cost, micro flow, precise infusion micro-fluidics MEMS pump with self-owned core IP, and apply for Bio-Medical market. We are building the 1st in China and world leading, ultra low cost precise insulin pump patch system, and in the future, it will extend to artificial pancreas, precise drug delivery system, IVF, cell culture and other Bio-Medical applications.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

JETRO Guangzhou
・Spinned out from one of the most famous Technology University in Shenzhen,China, Southern University of Science and Technology
・World leading, ultra low cost precise drug delivery system using semiconductor technology. World leading micro fluidics MEMS pump chip/solution, highly precision for each delivery
・Can be used in pain management, treatment of heart failure, parkinson's disease and so on.
・Strong desire to cooperate with Japanese pharmaceutical companies。Target to get CE mark certification by 2021E, and plan to enter Japan market by 2022.

Onesight is a Hi-Tech company dedicated to the technology and innovation in architecture industry. Ground-breaking technologies in AR and AI have been developed and applied in the life-cycle of the building.
The company has launched open and multifarious products and solutions to gear up the needs in AEC field. Software and services are continuously provided to satisfy the overall and needs in each phase of buildings from design display, construction acceptance, to project maintenance. The company is available in the life-cycle of this industry to provide digital visualization services and assistance.

CTO and Co-Founder

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Shanghai
Onesight Technology Company provides AR visual and intelligent services for building lifecycle. Engaged in architectural design, on-site construction, exhibition of architectural models, building maintenance, repair work, etc., and has achievements in China, Hong Kong and Japan. Established in 2018, Onesight Technology Company received early investment from Sumitomo Corporation Capital Asia and Plug and Play. The company's products present a prior image, avoiding construction errors and repair work, thereby reducing costs and time and contributing to improved productivity. The company is the winner of the SLUSH Shanghai 2019 Pitch Contest first prize.

NCDs (Non Communicable Disorders) are the world’s no 1 killer – ie 38 million deaths every year.

Our GOAL is to reduce 25% premature deaths due to NCD’s by 2025

PROBLEM: Most of the current Cardiology screening devices (ECG, ECHO, Angio etc) are hospital-based and 10-100x costelier. However, for > 80% patients the 1st point of contact is at the primary care clinics. Hence, there is a huge MISSED OPPORTUNITY to detect Heart Disorders at the primary care clinics

SOLUTION: AiSteth is a smart stethoscope to screen, detect & predict Heart/Lung disorders using Ai/ML. It has got 3 key components:
i) Device – picks heart/lung sounds and converts them into visual wave patterns
ii) Data – the heart/lung sounds are streamed via bluetooth to a companion smart phone app for visualization + record, store and share capabilities
iii) Intelligence – ML algorithms run on top of the above two layers of device + data

4 SEGMENTS: Adult, Pediatric, Mother & Child, Co-morbidity

AiSteth has Covid indications as below:

1) for use by elderly at home
2) remote monitoring of Heart/Lung sounds for “at high-risk groups” with co morbidity (chronic heart and respiratory conditions)
3) use along tele-health, tele-medicine platforms for remote tracking of vitals

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Zone Startups
Three Reasons:
(i) They address real problem in need of a solution
(ii) A great founding team and
(iii) a Good Business model.
Remote health delivery is here to stay in 2020 and beyond. They address a real problem in last mile health delivery – Alternates to a Doctor led Stethoscope. Since Jan 2020, telemedicine has exploded and is now the norm for level 1 health screen. With this category of solutions – the remote Stethoscope- remote telemedicine can become more complete.
Dr. Satish is a well rounded Doctor+ Entrepreneur. This is second entrepreneurial venture and he brings a rare business view to health problem solving.
While Telemedicine is a huge business case, they are starting out with a simpler business case- Rural India. In Rural India there is a shortage of quality doctors. Having some AI in the basic form of health screening will address this. Having two adjacent business cases- Rural Medicine/ Medicine for the masses and Telemedicine provides a lot of de-risking for the business.

Worldwide, an estimated 3.6 billion diagnostic medical examinations are performed every year and there’s a severe shortage of radiologists who can interpret these scan. This leads to large influx of patients, understaffed radiology departments, and overworked radiologists.

In cognizance of this demand, we are developing a SAAS based artificial intelligence cloud platform that can reduce delays in diagnosis, facilitate earlier detection of diseases and reduce cost to patients.

We have been in the field of AI for the past 2.5 years, our passion, expertise and potential to impact global health experience has been well received and rewarded by esteemed organisations. We have previously reported the utility of using artificial intelligence in the early diagnosis of lung cancer from CT scans, lung abnormalities from chest x-rays and COVID-19 from CT scans and x-rays.

Our AI algorithm for Lung Nodule detection stood first in India in LUNA-16, an International AI hackathon and is currently being clinically validated at Tata Memorial, largest cancer hospital in India. Our work for covid is recognized by the government of India.

Our cloud infrastructure is supported by NVIDIA and Microsoft. Our technology is generic and can be extended to identify diseases from x-rays, CT, MRI, mammography and other modalities.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Executive Director,
It is of great delight and pride to introduce our MedTech portfolio company Endimension Technology. They use AI/ML to interpret medical images. Their AI automatically recognizes complex patterns in radiographic images and provides quantitative & qualitative assessments of radiographic characteristics. They are developing products to address global market needs, to meet the rising demand for imaging examinations, prevent diagnostic errors, and enable sustained productivity increases.
Unlike other medical devices, their products can be integrated naturally into established communications channels at medical facilities. Research trends and experts underline how AI will revolutionize radiology in the long term.

AI shows promise to enable health delivery organizations to provide faster, more effective care to their patients. In the next five to 10 years, artificial intelligence is likely to fundamentally transform diagnostic imaging. So, let’s make a better future for radiology with AI.

Swasthya aims to leverage technology to solve the challenge of workplace safety created by the pandemic.
It is a platform for businesses that helps them to
1. Make the employees feel safe
2. Brings back customers by gaining their trust

We do this through AI/ML and computer vision solutions that provide workplace safety ratings as well as key insights/recommendations on:
1. Covid health risk for customers and employees using IoT and voice analytics
2. Social distancing score
3. Mask compliance
4. Visitor location analytics
5. Contactless systems & processes score

Using this insights Swasthya empowers a business by
1. Allowing management to make data-driven decision to reduce risk at workplace
2. Driving revenue by gaining the trust of the customers to use their services

We are a dynamic startup with team members from prestigious universities like Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, IITs and IIMs.


Nominated by

JETRO Ahmedabad
Swasthya has developed and implemented a new risk analysis tool app for Covid-19 using artificial intelligence (AI). It delivers high quality analytics that builds customer/employee trust in safety which can be showcased on website or digital signage. Hospitals, hotels and industrial units in India have decided to use their services in order to ensure the safety of local employees and customers based on standard work procedures (SOP). They are also considering to discuss future collaboration with ALSOK India, a major Japanese security management company who launched Covid-19 related services in India. Swasthya's technologies and services meet the needs of consumers in the new normal world.

We are Dozee, we specialise in a contact-free remote vitals monitoring. Our proprietary technology converts any bed into step-down ICU like vitals monitoring. Dozee tracks heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, sleep and stress levels without need for any wires or electrodes, with clinical grade accuracy. Just place under the mattress and sleep, the data is available over cloud interface to enable healthcare providers to provide continuous stream of health data.

We have over 5000 devices installed in hospitals and home and have provided care to over 20000 individuals, and has played a critical role in India’s fightback in the COVID pandemic empowering hospitals, Covid Care Centers and Quarantine Centers with proactive vitals monitoring.

Growing at 30% MoM, we are looking to serve 2500000 individuals in next 12 months.

CEO and Co-founder

Nominated by

Executive Director,
The Dozee has been nominated based on the unique proprietary technology that the vital parameters of the patients shall be monitored contactless - without any wires or electrodes. The technology benefits the patients by relieving them from mental stress, builds confidence as the patients are continuously monitored remotely and helps the health care professionals for early diagnosis of cardiac issues. The SpO2 integrated in Dozee is a great advantage during this COVID-19 pandemic by keeping the doctors and health care takers away from the patients but at the same time monitoring the patients closely.

Densely populated areas and congested conditions are often cited as one of the best examples of the “three densities,” and these conditions must still be avoided from the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection. However, in order to accurately grasp such information on human positions and density, it is necessary to make preparations for fixed-point observations at the location. In addition, it is also necessary to invest in sensors and cameras in order to understand the situation at the location. Therefore, with existing technologies, in addition to the problem of positioning accuracy, there is also the problem of the human cost of preparation and the cost of investment in equipment.
We will develop a system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a network of smartphones that can acquire 3D location information of people, and we will provide this service.

Managing Director

Nominated by

This company proposes one key technology that will help people's lives in the age of corona disaster.
I would like to recommend this inexpensive business model for creating social distance to people in Asia and hope that it will contribute to building a better society.

– Problem:
The largest problem of global comic distribution is the slow speed / high cost of translation. These problems prevent publishers from delivering their comics abroad.
Consequently, manga (Japanese comics) are currently mostly served by low-quality, unprofessional, pirated translations on sleezy sites. The pirated Manga market in the US is estimated to be $10B/year, which is hugely damaging to publishers and Manga authors.

– Product:
We are building a comic translation tool for publishers to create an appropriate pipeline that connects comic artists and readers beyond language barriers. It contains i) a machine translation engine designed for comcis and ii) a post-editing tool for translators/letters. The translation engine achieves the best accuracy in the world (Compared with Google Translate, our engine performs similar to human translation by 3.6 points BLEU [Papineni+2002]). Combined with our online post-editing tool, the translation system accelerate the speed of comic translation by 2x.

– Business model & Tractions
We charge $1000-$5000 per month for our comic translation tool.
Within a month of the launch, 20+ publishers and online comic distributors had requested a free trial, and one of them had already switched to a paid plan ($1000/month).


Nominated by

Incubation and Entrepreneurship Education,
The University of Tokyo
Firstly, they are focusing on an essential problem for the publishing industry of Japan. Piracy of comics has been a problem for many years. Many top-tier publishers in Japan are tackling this issue with legal actions and service improvement.

Secondly, the co-founders have domain expertise in the area of computer science. The two co-founders of Mantra both earned PhDs from the University of Tokyo in 2019. While the comic translation is an area that had been difficult to be automated, the co-founders had already made the most accurate machine translation engine for comics in the world.

I strongly believe that both the problem they are working on and the team are worthy of being nominated for AEA2020.

Biogenes Technologies Sdn Bhd (Biogenes) is a Malaysian-based startup company founded in 2015. Biogenes developed aptamer-based biosensor technologies and solutions in rapid test devices in molecular diagnostics for disease testing. Biogenes’ rapid test devices are designed to serve customers from various sectors ranging from healthcare, animal breeding, aquaculture, agriculture and environmental monitoring.

In the wave of the current global pandemic, Biogenes has developed a rapid antigen test kit called COVIDSENSETM with real-time digital communication capabilities to provide location and data to the users and medical stakeholders. This test kit is able to conduct fast and efficient testing utilizing the proprietary aptamer-based technologies developed by Biogenes to detect the presence of COVID-19 Virus (SARS-COV-2) with both high selectivity and sensitivity. Biogenes unique deep tech platform allows Biogenes to add more infectious disease including MERS, SARS, TB, and other communicable and non-communicable diseases in human, animals and plants. Biogenes aims to build a library of tests which includes diseases in This will enable Biogenes to overcome the current pandemic while laying the ground work for future growth into the diagnostic sector. Biogenes wants to build simple, easily scalable and user-friendly tests for now and the future. This will be in line with Biogenes’ tagline ‘Diagnostics Simplified’

Co-founder and CCO

Nominated by

Associate Professor,
Putra Business School   
The company is one of the leading start-ups in Malaysia focusing on the most immediate concern under healthcare affecting global population which is related to infections and diseases. Biogenes has developed a rapid antigen test kit with real-time digital communication capabilities to provide location and data to the users and medical stakeholders. This test kit is able to conduct fast and efficient testing utilizing the proprietary aptamer-based technologies developed by Biogenes.

Nitium Technology just founded 4 years ago but able to bring competition to other global implant manufacturers, not to mentioned that this start-up company can produce competitive solutions with better material at lower cost. This start-up not only has developed the world’s first porous Nickel Titanium dental implant but also reduces more than 60% of average production cost. With correct business model, this advantage enables them to venture into ASEAN market and overcome the issues in dentist expertise and lack of disposable income.

While participating in niche market industry, Nitium Technology already obtained awards and recognition not only from Malaysia, but also globally such as Japan, South Korea and Germany. The start-up company is putting Japan as one important target country, not only to tap on higher disposable income market but also to partner up with Japanese companies that capable in advance materials and precision machinery.

Nitium Technology was nominated because the future of its technology in different types of implant, for example Orthopaedic and Cranial implant market, without the need to repeat pre-clinical trials to enter the markets. I believe what the company require now is financial support and technology collaboration with Japanese high-tech companies.


Nominated by

Assistant Director,
JETRO KualaLumpur
Nitium Technology just founded 4 years ago but able to bring competition to other global implant manufacturers, not to mentioned that this start-up company can produce competitive solutions with better material at lower cost. This start-up not only has developed the world’s first porous Nickel Titanium dental implant but also reduces more than 60% of average production cost. With correct business model, this advantage enables them to venture into ASEAN market and overcome the issues in dentist expertise and lack of disposable income.

While participating in niche market industry, Nitium Technology already obtained awards and recognition not only from Malaysia, but also globally such as Japan, South Korea and Germany. The start-up company is putting Japan as one important target country, not only to tap on higher disposable income market but also to partner up with Japanese companies that capable in advance materials and precision machinery. Nitium Technology was nominated because the future of its technology in different types of implant, for example Orthopaedic and Cranial implant market, without the need to repeat pre-clinical trials to enter the markets. I believe what the company require now is financial support and technology collaboration with Japanese high-tech companies.

We create and integrate 3D depth sensing technology. 3D cameras are enabling new intelligent products across a spectrum of markets from automotive, robotics, industrial automation, consumer electronics and security. We are masters in time-of-flight depth sensing and bridge the gap from pixel to point cloud, expertly tailoring fit-for-purpose 3D solutions for our partners. We partner with silicon technology developers leveraging our 20+ patent portfolio to generate licensing revenues and work alongside customers to integrate tailored 3D camera solutions into their products.


Nominated by

Investment Manager,
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Chronoptics has deep IP in 3D imaging and optics with a stellar academic and commercialisation team behind it. With its sharper imagery it has the potential to enhance communication channels between humans, robotics and other verticals. It has particular relevance to the Japanese market through Silicon technology developers and endusers of 3D imaging.

The pandemic has brought to the forefront a challenge that organizational leaders have dealt with for decades: how
do I keep my team productive and high performing while also ensuring that they’re mentally resilient and engaged
with their roles? For a long time, we thought that these were two different challenges, but the pandemic has led
many organizations to the realization that both challenges are the same problem: just two sides of the same coin.

“A Nudge: A prompt that changes behaviour”.

We are the first to exclusively use personalized Nudges powered by Behavioral Science + Machine Learning to
incentivize your talents to be more effective, motivated and engaged.

Our solution is tried and tested: we have successfully increased organizational sales in real estate by 600%, while
also increasing retention by 22%.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Ateneo de Manila University
Talent management is a key component in the successful operations of any enterprise. Rumarocket has developed a Technology solution that will automate the process of performance evaluation and pro-actively encourage higher productivity in the workplace especially in the current work conditions under the post-pandemic new normal environament. Integrating behavioral science with machine learning and AI has enabled the proponents to develop a human resource management application that can contribute to higher manpower efficiency and learning that can lead to better profitability and business growth.

The experiences and capabilities of the entrepreneur-owners of Rumarocket have been assessed to be highly qualified to deliver the type of service that has been proven to be effective in the recruitment and personnel management processes of at least nine major companies in the Philippines. The potential for growth of the Company is very big considering the high dependence of many industries in human resource including the education sector.

Care Mentor AI – developer of the Computer Vision Systems for Analysis of Radiology Diagnostics.
Founded in 2018 with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of medical errors, improving diagnostic quality in general and extending life expectancy.
We create product to help Doctors to make diagnostic faster and with higher accuracy.
We have the next products which already have been probated in Russian clinics:
Screening for Pathologies on Chest Xray
Covid-19 detection on CT
As well as other products, as screening of Xray Brest on oncology and CT Oncology detection, are on the final stage of development.
All our products get Scientific publications and clinical tests to proof quality and accuracy.

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Nominated by

JETRO Moscow
Their radiographic imaging diagnosis solution with AI reduces the working hours and burden on doctors by simplifying the diagnosis and shortening the diagnosis time. In addition, They are also developing the AI solution that can diagnose the symptoms of COVID-19, and it has an advantage in terms of functionality (speed of diagnosis, low false positives, cost, interface) over competitors.

ECOPSY Technologies proposes a new methodology to design and build HR-tools and HR-management tools using data-driven approach, which is becoming extremely popular these days as all products can be delivered to clients remotely.

• DEEP — Data Enabled Employee Profile. Utilizing mass online survey and modern machine learning methods DEEP supports developing valid and robust competency and value models. This approach helps to drastically increase level of predicting performance with competence model.
• delta.ai – questionnaire that predicts real-life behavior and current performance (Purpose — assess candidates on their fit with companies’ requirements: their values, competencies and predicted performance
• PIF (Potential in Focus) – company is able to forecast employees’ effectiveness and to select ones with high potential (HiPo’s) with a test, which has been developed in ECOPSY. Companies’ financial results depend on employees for 31%. With Potential in Focus test companies can predict employees’ behavior and efficiency not only now, in current conditions, but in future as well, with unpredictable conditions.
• Echo — system of an automated video interview analysis powered by artificial intelligence. The forecast accuracy is 70–80%. This accuracy allows to filter out 20–35% of candidates with almost zero error.

Product Development Director

Nominated by

Head of International Projects,
Skolkovo Foundation
ECOPSY has unique competences in the field of HR-consulting in Russia. The team is helping leading Russian and international companies to find the best solutions in the field of talent management: talent assessment, people development and creating of systems aimed at improving business efficiency. The number of projects the company implements each year exceeds several hundreds.

Laboratory “Sensor-Tech” has been established to solve most ambitious scientific goals and create advanced technologies for people with hearing and visual impairments, including the deaf-blind, in Russia and in the world. In our work, we apply modern technologies, including AI, and develop products that empower people with sensory impairments. Nowadays, our key projects are: Smart assistant “Robin”, designed to enable blind people to better orientate themselves indoors and outdoors. “Robin” can recognize objects, people and their faces, determine distance to them and detect obstacles with the help of an ultrasonic radar. “Robin” works without Internet connection or third-party applications. Developed as a complement to a white cane, “Robin” is simple to use and does not require long training. Our other flagship product – Speech recognition device “Charly”, designed for independent communication with hearing impaired people. “Charly” recognizes speech, converts it into text and displays recognized speech on a monitor, a mobile phone, a TV, or a Braille display. “Charly” also allows to work and study remotely. Besides, we have launched Ophthalmic VR-simulator “See My World”, mobile apps “Currency note recognizer” and “Object recognizer”, implement a large genetic research in Russia and organized the first retinal implant surgeries (bionic vision) in Russia.

Director General

Nominated by

Head of International Projects,
Skolkovo Foundation
Sensor-Tech is a perfect example of a small innovation-driven company that knows how to make cutting-edge technologies serve the society. The team strives to change the quality of life of visually and auditory impaired people dramatically, helping them to feel safe and integrated even in the modern rapidly changing environment.
Having both business and scientific skills, the team is capable of creating a range of demanded products and taking them to the international markets.

4Blind company conducts research, develop, create and produce innovative technologies for the rehabilitation and improvement the quality of life of blind and deaf-blind people. 4Blind technical solutions: help them to communicate; give access to information around them; help develop in the professional field.

Advantages of 4Blind solutions: multifunctionality, its suitability for various objectives such as reading, writing, communication, the use of mobile phone, tactile access to graphic information; lack of comparable analogues in the market or absence of analogues; ease of use and servicing; affordable price.

Market opportunities: according to the latest report of the WHO in the world more than 7 million deafblind and more than 285 million blind people.

Sales strategy: direct sales to support organizations and foundations for people who are blind and deaf-blind, rehabilitation centers for the deaf-blind people, public and private companies providing jobs for people with disabilities, insurance companies; sales through international distributors of technical rehabilitation equipment, as well as sale of licenses for the right to manufacture the device in other countries.

We’ve already conducted testing of devices in associations and funds engaged in the support of blind and deafblind people having received confirmation that users need them, and devices meet expectations.


Nominated by

General Director,
JETRO Saint Petersburg
The most decisive reason of nomination to “4Blind” is the importance of their social meaning.

The purpose of 4Blind is to improve the quality of life of blind and deaf-blind people. Using their device and technology, blind and deaf-blind people can communicate with the others and get information easily. It is very important to encourage more people to participate in social role. The technology of 4Blind is one of the solution to realize this social issue. Especially, under our “New Normal” era, the alternatives of communication tool have become more important. They provide new way to communicate for blind and deaf-blind people.

Also, they have been highly evaluated in some events. For example, 4Blind was one of the final 8 startups (from 200 applicants) at the Toyota Startup Award in Feb. 2020. Like this, many specialists understand the social meaning of 4Blind and hope their contribution to our society.

FYI: You can watch detailed presentation about 4Blid from following URL. (About 6 minutes, English subtitle)

The global drone market was valued at USD 18.11 Bn in 2018 with a CAGR of 19.90% and is expected to reach 88.57 Bn by the end of 2027. While hardware companies continue to improve drone technology, drone service providers are creating solutions that provide an excellent return on investment. However the next five years will be about leveraging drone data to integrate, automate, and communicate multiple streams of data. Our team has the know-how to inform about the human and environmental factors in large workplaces. As drone hardware advances, more industries will bring this technology in-house reducing the need for service providers. Our technology bridges this transition by fusing the physical and digital to address present needs for a reformation of the work place.

Our platform as a service provides and integrates 2D maps and 3D digital twins of large spaces, real time tracking and various sensors, to address fast and slow disasters and their surrounding industries including insurance, real estate, construction, and renewable energy. Our software aims to change the way these industries communicate across stakeholders, allocate resources, and think about safety protocols. Our product can be thought of as workplace building blocks for the ‘new normal’.


Nominated by

Acting Director,
Ecosystem Development,
NUS Enterprise
Brain Pool offers a digital platform with interactive, hyper-local maps of specialised environments for consumer behaviour analytics utilising drone technology. They utilise drone technology to capture high precision data and process these data to create meaningful output and analysis. Brain Pool’s technology can be applied in areas such as mapping (2D/3D maps, elevation maps), inspection, measurements (distance, area volume) and aerial views.

Their technology is able to help address the complete life cycle of natural disasters from, Disaster Preparation, Emergency Response, Disaster Mitigation to Reconstruction. Japan will be their go-to-market to develop and increase traction in the disaster management industry. In addition, they are now actively expanding in Japan – and had secured a S$400k investment from ABC Dream Ventures (investment arm of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) in May 2020.

Moving forward, towards the “New normal”, the company aims to reform the workstyle in the disaster management industry and improve risk assessment and optimize related claim process.

JN Medsys is a Singapore biomedical company dedicated to providing super resolution genomic tools for precise and personalized diagnostics. Founded in 2010, our vision is to improve lives through advanced diagnostics in healthcare. We have been working relentlessly over the years to create cutting-edge genomic tools, comprising instruments and kits, that provide better sensitivity and accuracy for nucleic acids analysis. Through these advanced diagnostics, we hope to generate actionable insights to improve the outcomes of cancer and to eradicate infectious diseases. More recently, we have developed an end-to-end solution for Covid-19 testing. Our test is able to provide accurate, fast, and high capacity Covid-19 testing, even for countries which have limited resources.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

JETRO Singapore
JN Medsys’ vision to improve lives through advanced diagnostics is continually met through their cutting-edge genomic tools providing better sensitivity and accuracy in their results. The company adapted their technology quickly and accurately to develop a new testing solution for COVID-19, which is already being shipped in more than 10 countries. This will allow the healthcare systems that use their products/solution to function more efficiently, which can allow for the institutions to become more productive and channel their resources better.

Their determination is shown through the companies resolve as they continually fine-tune their solution so that they continue to stay relevant and expand their network. From cancer diagnostics to infectious diseases, now specifically for COVID-19.

In roughly 10 years, JN Medsys have managed to form distribution networks across the world.

With their experience, networks and most importantly, their technology, JN Medsys has the ability to collaborate with the Japanese players to develop more solutions for the healthcare industry.

Meracle brings relief and assurance to patients with respiratory and chronic ailments by optimizing the delivery of therapy in a safe, reliable and efficient manner, with the ultimate goal of setting the industry’s benchmarks and standards. Meracle’s first product, the Whizz, improves the management of respiratory conditions by increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data to augment the assessment of treatment outcomes. Through trials we have shown that the Whizz improves technique and compliance by 100%, leading to better asthma control and reduced symptoms. The system consist of a hardware that helps deliver medication effectively to patients, paired to a mobile application that has multiple features to track and encourage compliance through gamification as well as manage treatment regimen. The data collected benefits multiple stakeholders, by first improving the quality of life of patients and helping them gain a sense of control over their situation. Doctors have access to objective data that makes it easier to target accurate prescription medication and governments are able to improve public health and reduce the burden on an overwhelmed healthcare system.

Founder and COO

Nominated by

Deputy Director,
Enterprise Singapore
Meracle is developing its first product named the Whizz spacer to improve the management of asthma and other respiratory conditions, through increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data. The company plans to reach out to their customers via multiple pathways, including distributors, hospitals and nursing homes. The company also intends to collaborate with pharma companies to push their product to market as a companion medical device to inhaled drugs. Japan is one of the key target market for the company, due to growing problem of chronic respiratory conditions in the country. Their goal is to engage with partners in Japan to drive and support market access.

nplasty Pte Ltd (“nplasty”) is an X Reality (“AR/VR/MR”) company that leverages immersive VR technology for orthopaedic surgical training through visual simulation. nplasty’s pioneer product is an orthopaedic surgical training solution for the healthcare community that utilises haptic feedback to provide a more realistic and immersive experience. It provides solutions for various use cases – knee and hip procedures currently with further orthopaedic subspecialties (spine, trauma, upper limb, lower limb, etc.) planned for the future.


Nominated by

Deputy Director,
Enterprise Singapore
nPlasty (formerly known as Viswire) is a immersive VR and haptic powered orthopaedic surgical simulation and training solution. In 2019, the company was being selected by NUHS for an innovation challenge. It has since completed a successful pilot which led to Dr Gavin K O'Neill, Senior Consultant, Division of Musculoskeletal Trauma, NUHS commending favourably about the importance of nPlasty’s solution and the potential to be applied to other kind of orthopaedic surgery scenarios. The company sees Japan as a target market due to country’s aging population and receptiveness to adopting technology and digitalisation for training. nPlasty hopes to find suitable partners for co-investment and distribution to enter the Japanese market, targeting hospitals which would have a demand for residency training and simulations for complex surgeries.

Opsis is spin-off from A*STAR based on 5 years of R&D in MedTech research. The technology has use-cases in:
• Tele-Health, where video care providers get real time emotional feedback on the state of the people in needs. Discover and interventions with any video platform or devices.
• Tele-Education with insights metrics on teaching content receptiveness and help educators to identify online learners: Confuse, Stress or Bored.
• Tele-HR for online recruitment or training with deepen behavioral analysis data for interpretation based on psychometric evaluation.
Awards and Accolades
• 1st place in the OMG Emotion Behaviour Challenge 2018
• 2nd place in EmotiW2016 competition (ICMI)
• 3rd place in EmotiW2015 competition (ICMI)
• 2nd place in Grand Challenge Competition (ACM Multimedia 2012)
The key differentiating from those in the market are:
• Only 1 in the world using psychology circumplex model resulting in more precise emotion measurements with 2 Dimension data points.
• Real-time processing and analysis for individual and large crowd group emotional state. Most competitors allow for only single analysis.
• Technology accounts for ethnicity differences with high accuracy of 93% vs 70% available in the market.
• Thousands of mood detection with interactive responds vs 7 basis labelling
• Deployment platform includes: APP, SDK, Raspberry Pi, Cloud Service

CEO and Co-Founder

Nominated by

Senior Director,
JETRO Singapore
Opsis offers non-intrusive Emotion Analysis for Tele-Health, Tele-Education, Tele-HR. They specialize in Emotion Recognition AI using Psychology Circumplex model and are the only one in the world using psychology circumplex model with 2 Dimensions subtle expressions analysis. Their technology accounts for ethnicity and cultural differences with high accuracy especially in negative expression. They have an accuracy of 93% and are able to distinguish subtle expressions and provide fine-grained emotional insights at a low computational cost with real-time emotion analysis. Their technology helps companies and schools to detect negative feelings of their employees and students during digital meetings to monitor their mental health. It is highly needed nowadays.

Roceso Technologies is a world pioneer in soft robotic exoskeleton technologies. Its soft robotic solutions provide functional assistance to patients with limb motor function impairments during rehabilitation and daily living. The company’s flagship product, the EsoGLOVE, is one of the world lightest hand rehabilitation and exoskeleton devices offering top functionality and comfort. Since 2020, Roceso Technologies have expanded to three business units: Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies, Venous Care and Contracture Management, Compression and Support.

CEO and Co-Founder

Nominated by

Acting Director,
Ecosystem Development,
NUS Enterprise
Roceso Technologies is a Med-tech start-up that develops products to empower patients suffering from neurological disorders and disabilities. They have developed the EsoGlove which is a hand rehabilitation and exoskeleton device for people with motor issues. It is one of the few Singapore based Med-tech start-ups that had successfully commercialised class II medical device in a short period of time with ISO13485, FDA, CE and HSA approvals.

They have established international network by signing up distributors in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong and setting up subsidiary in Germany. In Japan, they have recently started a partnership with Inter Reha Japan for their robotic devices distribution. Moving forward, towards the “New normal”, the company has started renting out its devices to home users as going to rehabilitation centres is no longer convenient (i.e. Tele-rehab services). The company was also recently featured in “The Straits Times”

ioNetworks is an AI-Powered Video Analytics & Management Solution Developer. We provide enterprise-level management open platform & AI Applications for the demand of smart traffic, factory, airport, casino and large scale spaces.


Nominated by

Director General,
JETRO Hong Kong
Being introduced by Taiwan renowned incubator Garage+, AI-Powered Video Analytics developed by ioNetworks inc. has been deployed in lots of scaled projects related to the built up of infrastructure on the development of Smart City. Facing the challenging of the global pandemic, the technology from ioNetworks has shown up their advantages on handling face recognition on mass population with a practical solution to help people reacting fast to the risk and reducing risk on the spread of disease.

Despite headlines claiming that technology will replace human workers, 70% of manufacturing tasks are still performed by humans, and labour intensive operations are costly. A 24×7 assembly line with 40 workers in China costs USD 1M per year, but it still relies on manual management via time and motion studies by industrial engineers, and these are difficult to perform under Covid-19.

PowerArena is a computer vision platform that turns typical webcams into powerful sensors. By combining deep learning and computer vision, it identifies costly production line bottlenecks, enhances operation compliance and delivers superior quality check. All can be done remotely.

We focus on EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) factories. Among the global top 5, 3 of them (Foxconn, Jabil, Wistron) are our clients. In a case study, our client improves its UPH (Units Produced per Hour by the assembly line) by 5% and reduces its standard deviation by 70% after 4 weeks of use. Whenever a bottleneck occurs, plant managers now receive unbiased and real time update, taking off the workload for industrial engineers and enabling them to form plans for improvements.

We have offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China and we start engaging Japanese manufacturers about our services.


Nominated by

Epoch Foundation (Garage+ Incubator)
Labor cost keeps increasing. Manufacturers must continuously improve the efficiency of labor-intensive operations. Using deep learning AI technology, PowerArena turns typical webcams into robust sensors that determine the procedures' bottleneck and analyze the root cause in real-time. It helps the customers to gain factory floor visibility, increase OEE, and establish the data foundation for Industry 4.0. The solution of PowerArena is suitable for a variety of manufacturing industries, and many well-known companies trusted then and became the customers.

Ken, the CEO of PowerArena, is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for experimenting with today's emerging technologies and turning it into viable solutions for tomorrow. In 2007, he founded Motherapp – a pioneer in mobile app development and co-founded PowerArena in 2017 – a video analytic platform using artificial intelligence to boost smart business operations.

Both Motherapp and PowerArena received many international accolades such as the GSMA Asia Mobile Awards - Best Mobile App in 2016, and the WSA Global Champion Award - Smart Settlements & Urbanization in 2018. Ken was also the Young Entrepreneur Award Winner of the Hong Kong Business Awards (HKBA) 2016.

RedEye, an innovative research team from Taiwan, has launched a hemoglobin sensing system to enable blood sensing for home health care monitoring which can help people to “see” invisible blood in excreta, to identify of early signs of disease, such as colorectal cancer, kidney disease and bladder cancer for early warning. For people to decide whether to the hospital for re-examination. Transform passivity into an initiative, to achieve the effect of home health monitoring.


Nominated by

Epoch Foundation (Garage+ Incubator)
RedEye is an innovative research team from Taiwan. They launched a hemoglobin sensing system to enable blood sensing for home health care monitoring. The product can help people "see" invisible blood in excreta to identify early signs of disease, such as colorectal cancer, kidney disease, etc. bladder cancer for early warning.

It's a useful device for an aging population like Japan and is easy to use for medical checkups. With the world's first photoelectric technology, RedEye also interests in detection methods into a smart toilet for more needs in the market, which can have more convenience to daily human life.

As reported by FAO, 1.3 billion tons of the food produced in the world for human consumption wasted. Out of this large amount, 40 – 50% is root crops, fruits, and vegetables. However, current solutions to prevent produce wastes are inefficient, Eden Agritech, or “Eden,” is founded to help prevent fresh produce from being easily spoiled by using FDA approved solution.

Eden offers the solution to maintain food quality and extend its shelf life up to three times. Our innovative technology is applied to modify the fresh atmosphere to lessen its stress and delay ripening. Eden business model is a business to business (B2B) as a technology provider that generates revenue from its food additive solution selling. The potential preservative market size is USD 567million in South East Asia and USD 8.1 billion globally. Eden will provide free-of-charge product knowledge training services bundling with our product solution selling, and the premium charged an advisory fee for sophisticated advice as post-harvest management and facility management. Eden customers include but are not limited to exporters, suppliers, food processors, and distributors who would like to secure from logistic spoilages in their supply chains.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Bangkok
EDEN develops the chemical-free edible coating solution (or 100% natural way) that can prolong the shelf life of fresh-cut produce up to 3 times. The solution deals with the global issue of food waste, reduces waste during logistic and rejection cost on the defected produce and enables more sustainable ecosystem along sustainable development goal.

Most importantly, Eden’s technology can protect fresh-cut produce from microbial by slowing their growth rate on the produce, which other solutions in the market is not available. The coating can be applied to different kinds of produce such as dried fruit, extract produce. EDEN maintains the strategic vision to change the way of fresh produce trading and bring sustainability to its global supply chain by using FDA approved solution and in process of filing second patent globally.

EDEN is on the POC stage of big conglomerate food companies in Thailand (i.e., Thaiwah, MK Restaurant Group, S&P, Food Passion, TIPCO, CP All and Fruit Dee). Also, EDEN start to discuss with Japanese companies since they are interested in EDENs’ technology such as Mitsui chemical and Marubeni. These create the possibility of collaboration with Japanese corporations and open step into international stage in upcoming year.

Despite the fact that machine is automatically controlled in each system, analyzing the whole system and between system is still done manually by analysts and operators. This results in losing on average of 30% of operation costs due to inefficient operation and unplanned downtime. ENRES develops an AIoT platform that connects sensors and machines via IoT to our platform. Then our AI shift in to automatically analyze the inefficiency in the system, visualize and recommend the potential solution that could be done. This helps business see the overall system, understand how the system is running, know the inefficiency and able to take action seamlessly.

Co-founder and VP of Business Development

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Bangkok
ENRES develops AIoT platform that connects sensors and machines via IoT and use AI shift in to automatically analyze the inefficiency. The solution helps buildings & factories manage its energy system to reach out 5-35% of energy saving.

Comparing to traditional method that relies on human-centric (staffs visit multiple sites/buildings for inspection), ENRES platform provides single view system that connects data from multi-sites and allows users access from anywhere, able to do real-time monitoring and data analysis. Users can work more seamlessly, better visibility as overall system, streamline data analysis and process digitalization. This will result in technology and knowledge sharing to help increase productivity, especially for company having many buildings and factories. It’s solution for smart city.

ENRES has strength in software and domain team who has over 30 years combined experience both local and international market. Currently, ENRES focuses in Thailand and start research in other countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan where have similar problems as in Thailand. Also, ENRES supports Japanese factories in Thailand (i.e., YAMADA, Sharp) to help manage data and optimize process. As technology can be adopted flexibly in many sectors as hospital, factory, school, building, ENRES can enlarge in market.

LOOP is an internet company that was founded on the vision that everybody in the F&B and retail business should have access to the best tools to manage and grow their business. Small and medium shop owners should have the same smart tools that bigger chains are using but made simpler. Our mission is to be the #1 Smart POS in South East Asia helping shop owners manage and grow their business. Whether they’re running a small convenience store, a neighbourhood cafe chain or a vintage fashion boutique, LOOP Smart POS is commited to support customers in their journey.


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O2O commerce and fintech in Vietnam is growing super fast, but getting pretty messy.
Managing the offline store is difficult because there are too many things to handle for shop owners. To drive more customers and boost customer experience/engagement, offline stores often partner with many O2O and fintech solutions. The problem is, each of these solutions is treated in silos in terms of data and workflow, resulting in a huge amount of manual work and reducing the effectiveness of these solutions. Many offline stores are still using pen and paper to manage their business, while others are using outdated POS systems that are messy, costly and not connected to the cloud.
LOOP Smart POS convers many merchants using market-leader POS systems and growing rapidly.

Alvin Koh, founder of LOOP Smart POS, a Singaporean entrepreneur who came to Vietnam to do business a few years ago. He is also a Startup Mentor at TRIVE Ventures and Alibaba eFounders Fellow. He attended and spoke at many major events such as Fintech Summit 2019, The Asean youth interface with Asean leaders and related events 2020 etc…