Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt Ltd

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
We are Dozee, we specialise in a contact-free remote vitals monitoring. Our proprietary technology converts any bed into step-down ICU like vitals monitoring. Dozee tracks heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, sleep and stress levels without need for any wires or electrodes, with clinical grade accuracy. Just place under the mattress and sleep, the data is available over cloud interface to enable healthcare providers to provide continuous stream of health data.

We have over 5000 devices installed in hospitals and home and have provided care to over 20000 individuals, and has played a critical role in India’s fightback in the COVID pandemic empowering hospitals, Covid Care Centers and Quarantine Centers with proactive vitals monitoring.

Growing at 30% MoM, we are looking to serve 2500000 individuals in next 12 months.

CEO and Co-founder

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Executive Director,
The Dozee has been nominated based on the unique proprietary technology that the vital parameters of the patients shall be monitored contactless - without any wires or electrodes. The technology benefits the patients by relieving them from mental stress, builds confidence as the patients are continuously monitored remotely and helps the health care professionals for early diagnosis of cardiac issues. The SpO2 integrated in Dozee is a great advantage during this COVID-19 pandemic by keeping the doctors and health care takers away from the patients but at the same time monitoring the patients closely.