【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Swasthya aims to leverage technology to solve the challenge of workplace safety created by the pandemic.
It is a platform for businesses that helps them to
1. Make the employees feel safe
2. Brings back customers by gaining their trust

We do this through AI/ML and computer vision solutions that provide workplace safety ratings as well as key insights/recommendations on:
1. Covid health risk for customers and employees using IoT and voice analytics
2. Social distancing score
3. Mask compliance
4. Visitor location analytics
5. Contactless systems & processes score

Using this insights Swasthya empowers a business by
1. Allowing management to make data-driven decision to reduce risk at workplace
2. Driving revenue by gaining the trust of the customers to use their services

We are a dynamic startup with team members from prestigious universities like Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, IITs and IIMs.


Nominated by

JETRO Ahmedabad
Swasthya has developed and implemented a new risk analysis tool app for Covid-19 using artificial intelligence (AI). It delivers high quality analytics that builds customer/employee trust in safety which can be showcased on website or digital signage. Hospitals, hotels and industrial units in India have decided to use their services in order to ensure the safety of local employees and customers based on standard work procedures (SOP). They are also considering to discuss future collaboration with ALSOK India, a major Japanese security management company who launched Covid-19 related services in India. Swasthya's technologies and services meet the needs of consumers in the new normal world.