Smart Tag Inc.

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Smart Tag is a flexible wireless IoT sensor, just like a sticker. You just paste them onto the surface of your current device. It will collect the manufacturing pattern and send it to the cloud for analysis automatically.

Instead of purchasing a brand-new equipment or waiting days for sensor installation. Now you can have a clear view on what happens in your factory, just in minutes.

We sell Smart Tags to factories for manufacturing lines monitoring, and bundle with our analyzing software. The price is varied by data usage volume. The tags and software are standardized products and can be easily delivered by our local sales partners.

We also provide consulting service to some power users with our data science team. We share the value created by our projects.

After our founding in 2020, we won the title of Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge and AWS startup award. We already have successful use cases in semiconductor, PCB, and oil & gas industries. We help clients to deduct the product check time up to 70%, and save the machine diagnose cost up to 90%. We expect to have 116,000 tags installed in 2023 and generate 22 million USD revenue.


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Chief Operating Officer,
Center for Industry Collaboration and Innovation Incubation, National Chengchi University
Smart Tag Inc. is a Taiwanese startup company found in 2020 by a group of engineerers. Its main product "Smart Tag” is an IoT sensor smart sticker, which enable factory's traditional equipment connected online within a network so that the traditional factory can be transformed into "Industry 4.0" ready at low cost. In addition, the machinary data can be monitored realtime, so the production quality can be ensured on traditional/legacy machine.

Making older equipment on the production floor IoT-compatible used to be a costly proposition; however, Smart Tag Inc. made it available at a cost effective way, easy to install, and technology ready for realtime monitoring which offer advanced analytical capabilities on the factory floor. This would dramatically upgrade the proformance of manufacturing industry in the world.