“Sensor-Tech” Limited Liability Company

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Laboratory “Sensor-Tech” has been established to solve most ambitious scientific goals and create advanced technologies for people with hearing and visual impairments, including the deaf-blind, in Russia and in the world. In our work, we apply modern technologies, including AI, and develop products that empower people with sensory impairments. Nowadays, our key projects are: Smart assistant “Robin”, designed to enable blind people to better orientate themselves indoors and outdoors. “Robin” can recognize objects, people and their faces, determine distance to them and detect obstacles with the help of an ultrasonic radar. “Robin” works without Internet connection or third-party applications. Developed as a complement to a white cane, “Robin” is simple to use and does not require long training. Our other flagship product – Speech recognition device “Charly”, designed for independent communication with hearing impaired people. “Charly” recognizes speech, converts it into text and displays recognized speech on a monitor, a mobile phone, a TV, or a Braille display. “Charly” also allows to work and study remotely. Besides, we have launched Ophthalmic VR-simulator “See My World”, mobile apps “Currency note recognizer” and “Object recognizer”, implement a large genetic research in Russia and organized the first retinal implant surgeries (bionic vision) in Russia.

Director General

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Head of International Projects,
Skolkovo Foundation
Sensor-Tech is a perfect example of a small innovation-driven company that knows how to make cutting-edge technologies serve the society. The team strives to change the quality of life of visually and auditory impaired people dramatically, helping them to feel safe and integrated even in the modern rapidly changing environment.
Having both business and scientific skills, the team is capable of creating a range of demanded products and taking them to the international markets.