Roceso Technologies Private Limited

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Roceso Technologies is a world pioneer in soft robotic exoskeleton technologies. Its soft robotic solutions provide functional assistance to patients with limb motor function impairments during rehabilitation and daily living. The company’s flagship product, the EsoGLOVE, is one of the world lightest hand rehabilitation and exoskeleton devices offering top functionality and comfort. Since 2020, Roceso Technologies have expanded to three business units: Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies, Venous Care and Contracture Management, Compression and Support.

CEO and Co-Founder

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Acting Director,
Ecosystem Development,
NUS Enterprise
Roceso Technologies is a Med-tech start-up that develops products to empower patients suffering from neurological disorders and disabilities. They have developed the EsoGlove which is a hand rehabilitation and exoskeleton device for people with motor issues. It is one of the few Singapore based Med-tech start-ups that had successfully commercialised class II medical device in a short period of time with ISO13485, FDA, CE and HSA approvals.

They have established international network by signing up distributors in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong and setting up subsidiary in Germany. In Japan, they have recently started a partnership with Inter Reha Japan for their robotic devices distribution. Moving forward, towards the “New normal”, the company has started renting out its devices to home users as going to rehabilitation centres is no longer convenient (i.e. Tele-rehab services). The company was also recently featured in “The Straits Times”