Qolo Inc.

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
We aim for a society where people can do what they want as long as they wish to continue, which might be work, daily life or hobby.

Qolo is a University-originated startup with a core technology that enables people to stand up even if they have limited lower limb motor ability.

Being seated long time would cause functional problems such as you cannot reaching your hands and eyes to higher places as well as health problems.
Health problems, including pressure sore, bone demineralization and circular system, would shorten the length of a healthy life.

Qolo cares wide range of their journey which starts from wheelchair to back to life.
We support rehabilitation first, then back up their daily life later.
Rehabilitation products make standing rehabilitation efficient and encourage the improvement of motor function without physical overload on therapists.
Mobility products enable them to stand up and move in daily life scenes even if they could not recover enough.

We develop those models parallel and make it Japanese market available in 2023, then 2026 in the US.
We do update quickly our product in Japan first since both models are not considered medical devices.


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University of Tsukuba
The company provides a standing wheelchair product that solves social issues in the coming aging society. The patented wheelchair technology of a special mechanical configuration that eliminates the need for an electric power source for the standing-to-seated conversion. This simplifies the mechanism and makes it possible to reduce weight. The ability to work in a standing position, even with a lower body disability, expands the range of social activities and has a wide range of applications, including not only for wheelchair users, but also for walker users, rehabilitation, and sports. The market is expected to expand through mass production, including consignment manufacturing. They are establishing Japan markets and are thinking about the United States market soon based on recent interviews in US companies and venture capitals and is expected to be a startup that will grow worldwide.