Onikle Inc.

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Onikle is the preprint search platform with the simple UIUX and AI recommendation to help scientists discover best papers. In addition to AI recommendation, users can follow and create Chronicle – research specialised bookmark – to find what other top scientists are reading and be updated to trending papers. With these features above, we have successfully reduced the search time up to 80%.
Onikle currently has 3000 Monthly active users from tech companies such as Facebook, IBM, and Amazon and users spend 3 times longer than the exisitng service, and MAU is increasing double per month.
Onikle will be monetised with 3 business models, which is highly targeted advertisement, $10 monthly subscription, and Recruitment model and has the potential to reach $1.2billion dollars with 10 million potential users from all over the world.
Google and Amazon believed that the Internet would become the world’s infrastructure even before it became widespread, and expanded their market share at an overwhelming speed. Onikle believes that preprints will become the infrastructure of the world, and we will grab our market share at an overwhelming speed. We create global platform that drives the knowledge of mankind.

CEO and Co-Founder

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University of Tsukuba
Onikle's technology allows us to view desired science and technology papers at high speed, which leads to speeding up the research of science and technology engineers. As the number of customers who already want to utilize the service, which has features that the current service does not have, are increasing, investors are beginning to take an interest even in the United States. It is a technology that can be expected to spread widely, including not only researchers but also systems that support researchers, academic society operators, and paper reviewers. This technology can be expected to revolutionize for the viewing of variety of treatises.