【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Meracle brings relief and assurance to patients with respiratory and chronic ailments by optimizing the delivery of therapy in a safe, reliable and efficient manner, with the ultimate goal of setting the industry’s benchmarks and standards. Meracle’s first product, the Whizz, improves the management of respiratory conditions by increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data to augment the assessment of treatment outcomes. Through trials we have shown that the Whizz improves technique and compliance by 100%, leading to better asthma control and reduced symptoms. The system consist of a hardware that helps deliver medication effectively to patients, paired to a mobile application that has multiple features to track and encourage compliance through gamification as well as manage treatment regimen. The data collected benefits multiple stakeholders, by first improving the quality of life of patients and helping them gain a sense of control over their situation. Doctors have access to objective data that makes it easier to target accurate prescription medication and governments are able to improve public health and reduce the burden on an overwhelmed healthcare system.

Founder and COO

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Meracle is developing its first product named the Whizz spacer to improve the management of asthma and other respiratory conditions, through increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data. The company plans to reach out to their customers via multiple pathways, including distributors, hospitals and nursing homes. The company also intends to collaborate with pharma companies to push their product to market as a companion medical device to inhaled drugs. Japan is one of the key target market for the company, due to growing problem of chronic respiratory conditions in the country. Their goal is to engage with partners in Japan to drive and support market access.