Healtell(Guangzhou) Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
HealTell, is focus to use mature technology in semiconductor industry, to design, manufacture and build super low cost, micro flow, precise infusion micro-fluidics MEMS pump with self-owned core IP, and apply for Bio-Medical market. We are building the 1st in China and world leading, ultra low cost precise insulin pump patch system, and in the future, it will extend to artificial pancreas, precise drug delivery system, IVF, cell culture and other Bio-Medical applications.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

JETRO Guangzhou
・Spinned out from one of the most famous Technology University in Shenzhen,China, Southern University of Science and Technology
・World leading, ultra low cost precise drug delivery system using semiconductor technology. World leading micro fluidics MEMS pump chip/solution, highly precision for each delivery
・Can be used in pain management, treatment of heart failure, parkinson's disease and so on.
・Strong desire to cooperate with Japanese pharmaceutical companies。Target to get CE mark certification by 2021E, and plan to enter Japan market by 2022.