Dimensionless Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Human inspection tasks are slow, inefficient and costly. We have developed a set of products namely BaggageAI,CounterfeitAI and SolarAI to automate the tasks making them faster and far more efficient.

BaggageAI automatically detects threat items in the X-Ray scan of Baggages at security checkpoints. Once the baggage passes through the X-Ray baggage scanner, the X-Ray image is generated. This image is processed by BaggageAI software to detect threat items in it and raise alarms for the operator.

CounterfeitAI automatically detects counterfeit/fraudulent electronic items in the e-commerce supply chain.When the package passes through X-Ray baggage scanner the X-Ray image of the package is generated. CounterfietAI figures out the item details of the item being scanned through the database and then compares the X-Ray image of the package with that of the original one.

SolarAI is an AI powered solution that identifies and classify defects in thermal images of solar panels. SolarAI works on the thermal images captured through drones and identifies and classifies type of defect in these images. It also provides the detailed location of defect in the power plan which enables auto-scheduling of the maintenance tasks.


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Executive Director,
We believe this organisation is putting out niche products which are the need of the hour like Security enhancement, Counterfeit Prevention, Food Inspection etc. They are one of the promising start-ups that are already worked with multiple large organisations.

Their expertise in new age technologies especially Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision puts them above many promising start-ups.