Craft Health Pte Ltd

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
At Craft Health, we are building a platform for 3D printed personalized healthcare. Possible applications include personalized nutrition, decentralized clinical trials, personalized medicine, and 3D printing for orphan drugs.

Since we launched in May 2019, we have:

Hardware: In-house developed 3D printer specialized for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Our 3D printer is designed for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the 3D printing process does not involve heat or ultraviolet (UV) curing, enabling a wide range of active ingredients to be used.
Software: 3D printing software
3D printable formulations: A series of proprietary 3D printable formulations for different controlled released profiles (Immediate/sustained/delayed release) that can be combined in a single 3D printed tablet.
Specialty products: Patent pending 3D printed capsule that converts once daily dosing to once weekly.


Nominated by

Acting Director,
Ecosystem Development,
NUS Enterprise
Craft Health is a Med-tech start-up which identified several useful applications of 3D printing for medical use and for health supplements. These applications have the potential of improving the well-being of patients/individuals as we move towards personalised healthcare.

As doctorate holders in Pharmaceutical Sciences, the team possesses expert knowledge in the field, and also business acumen to drive commercialisation of the technology. The team is highly professional with strong motivation to succeed, backed by a proven track record of meeting key milestones during product development and successful fundraise from a Japanese venture capital firm (Mistletoe).

In moving forward, supporting towards the theme of “Smart City”, the company aims to collaborate and tighten potential partnerships to co-innovate in the Med-tech vertical.

The company was also featured in Channel News Asia programme, “Wizard of Tech” at 1:25s of the programme in the following link.