Care Mentor AI

【AEA 2020 Alumni】
Care Mentor AI – developer of the Computer Vision Systems for Analysis of Radiology Diagnostics.
Founded in 2018 with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of medical errors, improving diagnostic quality in general and extending life expectancy.
We create product to help Doctors to make diagnostic faster and with higher accuracy.
We have the next products which already have been probated in Russian clinics:
Screening for Pathologies on Chest Xray
Covid-19 detection on CT
As well as other products, as screening of Xray Brest on oncology and CT Oncology detection, are on the final stage of development.
All our products get Scientific publications and clinical tests to proof quality and accuracy.

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Nominated by

JETRO Moscow
Their radiographic imaging diagnosis solution with AI reduces the working hours and burden on doctors by simplifying the diagnosis and shortening the diagnosis time. In addition, They are also developing the AI solution that can diagnose the symptoms of COVID-19, and it has an advantage in terms of functionality (speed of diagnosis, low false positives, cost, interface) over competitors.