Ashva Wearable Technologies Pvt Ltd

Ashva was founded in 2019 by Ms Anmol Ajay Saxena, with a vision to decentralize and democratize musculoskeletal healthcare to all through data driven physiotherapy. The company’s product portfolio comprises Fitknees – an AI sensor based knee function monitoring system, Fitmust- a handheld dynamometer for accurate muscle strength testing and Mudra – a spinal wearable sensor for detection and prompt feedback for poor sitting posture. The company has raised $ 0.4 Million USD in funds through Indian government and Institutional investors like Zoho Corp and LetsVenture and done revenues of over $ 7,500 USD till date. The customers comprise leading physiotherapists pan India. The company is US-FDA ready and the certifications will be done in the next 18 months of time.

CEO and Founder

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Derbi Foundation
Musclosketal problems are a certainty for anyone beyond a certain age. Besides, unlike other diseases it is a highly manageable (if not solvable) problem. A real problem in need of a real solution. I found Anmol’s solution has the right mix of – Product Market fit, Innovativeness, right engineering and an entrep zeal.