【AEA 2021 Alumni】
ADVANCED GREENFARM is a research-driven startup whose vision is to develop sustainable cultivation technology for novel plant food that can provide optimal health benefits and fits the modern lifestyle of all ages. Our current innovative solution is the cultivation of Wolffia, the world’s fast-growing, smallest flowering plant. Wolffia has superfood nutrition, with high protein content and essential minerals and vitamins surpassing several current superfoods. Wolffia contains bioavailable natural B12, which is not found in plants outside its family. Our proprietary technology not only significantly enhances the nutritional profile, but also emphasizes on optimizing the production while maintaining high quality and food safety. In terms of sustainability, the astronomical productivity of our Wolffia can lead to 30 times more proteins produced per acre compared to soybean, or about 2,400 times more than beef! Wolffia has also been estimated to capture more CO2 per area than a healthy forest.

ADVANCED GREENFARM aims to use our core technology to supply Wolffia to health-conscious consumers, primarily focusing on consumers who seek plant-based sources of high-quality protein and natural B12 through modern trade and food distributors through the brand “flo Wolffia”. We also aim to supply Wolffia as ingredients for business partners, including restaurants, food industry, and nutraceutical industry.

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ADVANCED GREENFARM is producing a plant-based protein which can be cultivated in dense areas. The company provides a food solution in a compact production area which can solve the problems of food (esp. high protein) shortages worldwide, and can be a valuable crop in a country with a high population density, such as Japan. From the company’s initial successes in Thailand, a number of Japanese food producers have begun contacting AG’s founders seeking partnerships.