【AEA 2020 Alumni】
4Blind company conducts research, develop, create and produce innovative technologies for the rehabilitation and improvement the quality of life of blind and deaf-blind people. 4Blind technical solutions: help them to communicate; give access to information around them; help develop in the professional field.

Advantages of 4Blind solutions: multifunctionality, its suitability for various objectives such as reading, writing, communication, the use of mobile phone, tactile access to graphic information; lack of comparable analogues in the market or absence of analogues; ease of use and servicing; affordable price.

Market opportunities: according to the latest report of the WHO in the world more than 7 million deafblind and more than 285 million blind people.

Sales strategy: direct sales to support organizations and foundations for people who are blind and deaf-blind, rehabilitation centers for the deaf-blind people, public and private companies providing jobs for people with disabilities, insurance companies; sales through international distributors of technical rehabilitation equipment, as well as sale of licenses for the right to manufacture the device in other countries.

We’ve already conducted testing of devices in associations and funds engaged in the support of blind and deafblind people having received confirmation that users need them, and devices meet expectations.


Nominated by

General Director,
JETRO Saint Petersburg
The most decisive reason of nomination to “4Blind” is the importance of their social meaning.

The purpose of 4Blind is to improve the quality of life of blind and deaf-blind people. Using their device and technology, blind and deaf-blind people can communicate with the others and get information easily. It is very important to encourage more people to participate in social role. The technology of 4Blind is one of the solution to realize this social issue. Especially, under our “New Normal” era, the alternatives of communication tool have become more important. They provide new way to communicate for blind and deaf-blind people.

Also, they have been highly evaluated in some events. For example, 4Blind was one of the final 8 startups (from 200 applicants) at the Toyota Startup Award in Feb. 2020. Like this, many specialists understand the social meaning of 4Blind and hope their contribution to our society.

FYI: You can watch detailed presentation about 4Blid from following URL. (About 6 minutes, English subtitle)