【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Mission Statement

Doctors perform surgery in three-dimensions but rely on two-dimensional imaging to prepare and plan their surgeries. At Vasoprint, we 3D-print patient-specific vascular templates that allow surgeons to hold the closest physical representation of a patient in their hands.


Vasoprint Pty Ltd was registered as an Australian company in January 2016. The development of the software and associated technology stemmed from engineering principles used to investigate the vascular modelling of cancerous tissues.


Our first product is software that transforms stacks of medical images into 3D-printed templates, providing a unique pre-surgical experience. This novel and readily-scalable technology has the potential to serve as the foundation of new and valuable medical solutions, especially with the rapid expansion of tissue-engineering.


Our product has the potential to serve doctors on a global scale as it is applicable to hospitals that use state-of-the-art equipment or those searching for affordable solutions. Vasoprint is committed to giving surgeons access to the necessary tools that will ultimately improve patient

outcomes. We believe our product will be conductive in the medical industry and become a must-have for all hospital environments.



We are currently speaking with investors in and outside of Australia in raising $230,000 of initial funding. This will accommodate the regulatory approval and associated requirements for our device. We are expecting the device to become clinically available by 2017 with profit expected in late 2017/early 2018.


Nominated by

Sydney and Edna Genesis Coordinator,
Sydney University
The team went from ideation to incorporation in record time, showing how a brilliant idea can be brought to life when the right team, skills and hard work take place. In its short life, the business has shown traction and the product-market fit analysis thoroughly developed by the team shows the growth potential of Vasoprint.